Silica gel products - Silicone rubber products - Silica gel products appear dark mark

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-04
For silicone products processing in the process of total adverse phenomenon will bring great loss for the company, and one of the most special is the product size is larger, longer processing time of products, leading to bad not only for raw materials consumption is very big, and have been on time and effort, so for the silicone material quality problems in addition to mold, appear the phenomenon of dark mark tend to put off the goods plague us, then you know what are the reasons for the silicone products appear dark mark? First silicone products appear dark mark or the cause of the grain is not only produced during processing of sulfide, for mixing and raw materials to the mold structure and steel and so on all have certain effect, but this kind of product is mostly in the product is bigger, appearance under the condition of obvious color is more bright, listed in the white silica gel protective sleeve, flat back cover case, the whole area. In terms of color mixing of rubber mixing process is not reasonable to allocate the temperature of the roller and the proportion of color glue, mixing time is one of the most important control, and a lot of the product of manufacturer of silicone products is the main reason for the material grain is mixed with rubber mixing evenly, as a result, not so find the reason from the raw material is the most important, second placed too long after the raw materials, the loss of liquidity prompted a wave point products, dark grain phenomenon is also one of them. In the production process of silicone rubber products have a tangle of caused due to curing temperature is too high for too long in the dark mark, and many large products have to go to elevate temperature and time, otherwise unable to cure completely, it is to replace this time in order to promote efficiency of curing agent, curing speed, reduce the curing time, two problems can be solved! Have to say, the silica gel products technology is a kind of simple and complex function, the silicone rubber products appear dark grain, grain and other unhealthy phenomenon problem a lot of silicone rubber products manufacturers can quickly solution, some manufacturers can't find the corresponding solution, so for the silicone rubber molding process, in addition to the machine, raw material, mould, and the personnel and operation methods have important original for! To strengthen the operation of the operators and qc staff skills and quality consciousness training is the key to reduce production bad, is also the enterprise benefit. 吗? 吗? Dongguan silicone products factory? 吗? Home - Jiahao honey jas ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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