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by:Smily Mia     2020-12-04
The development of the Internet has brought great convenience to people's life and never leave home can now he can do everything, so now people prefer online life, the emergence of the favorable conditions also can appear, on the Internet now have a lot of fraud, make the masses suffered losses, so the legerdemain of business have? Let's learn about the. Deception and characteristics: 1. Mass throughput calls this person is very enthusiastic, very interested in your silicone rubber products, for the first time to call to order, quantity is very big, new goods inventory all eat, conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of desire is strong. Of course he could not see the samples, these are in no send someone to the actual investigation of 2 make a decision. Serial set cover model of unexplained someone please when he dealer, someone take the initiative to advertise for you, help you make money, just less than a week when dealers, people are far apart in a company you place an order, not only large number but also in the payment, seems to be a one-way ticket business. 3. Type for commission such companies in general, all in the name of the border trade company to north Korea orders as bait, after signing the contract, let the customer to have the goods sent to the north somewhere, then the inspection in China will pay commissions to north Korea, on the grounds that diddle money. If you paid the commission, he just find a reason why there is something wrong with the quality or packing, the goods do not. If you don't pay any commission, goods go back, freight, a waste of energy. 4. Drink to fool a lot of money, cheat to eat cheat cheat meal, a few cigarettes, in urgent need of your product first commonly, says the product is very good in their requirements, and then to 'because the first cooperation, the product specific number according to the samples quantitatively, a preliminary plan 00000 dollar goods, hope to implement as soon as possible. 'Let the other company send the samples in the past, then if you send it to him, he will say the sample qualified, told us to go to sign the contract. And say what gift to give leadership, please eat. 5. State-run banner type my company is a wholesale city comprehensive state-owned enterprises, fertilizer plant, agricultural materials company, energy supplies company, the building materials company. You what is the production of products, they will have a corresponding trade supplies company. Give a person a kind of strength, good reputation first impressions are most lasting effect, and then not cheat samples, is tricked into alcohol and tobacco, this kind of food and drink. 6. Luxury type cloaking typical don't say you are very clear is the NDN economic and trade cooperation group, shenzhen dean company and shenzhen company, Abby ABA international consortium co. , LTD. , they are all in shenzhen international trade building to rent a whole layer of floor, decoration style, staff, phone number, enterprise samples. First send a fax for you, say have foreign customers need this product, would you please fax your company data and corporate business card, if you fax in the past, they will send a invitation letter within ErSanTian, would you please go to shenzhen interview, if you go after, they will ask for referral fee of 5000 to 10000 yuan. 7. Strategic transformation type of this kind of company is take the idea in the company name and address, the foreign trade corporation, industrial products, Grain and oil products) Foreign economic and trade integrated company, foreign trade companies or branch of a foreign trade company names such as constant transformation; And address is international trade building, the city ( County) The foreign trade building or building economic and trade. Broken recruit ChuXie: 1, the samples arrived in just a few days, namely under the order, and sign the contract or ask the past, the basic situation of our company don't do research. 2, order quantity is larger, greater than the industry characteristics, the order quantity big enough for a large-scale enterprise for a long time, but often say is foreign trade export need each other. 3, terms of delivery is very attractive and is often the gang get the cash on delivery. 4, each other often indifferent to our proposed price conditions. 5, purchase and sale contract to do very beautiful. 6, you can through the local telecom and taxation to check whether the company. 7, when you are talking in the dialogue, be careful to understand each other's psychological.
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