Silica gel products wholesale custom which good, custom silicone products wholesale 2020 manufacturers recommendations

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-06
As the silica gel technology is more and more mature, currently popular enterprise custom silicone products, custom silicone gifts, given to the customer or distributed to employees, etc. Silicone gift both environmental protection and fashion, it is necessary for business. So which custom silicone products wholesale, jiahao honey today under the small make up take you to understand. Silica gel products wholesale custom which good dongguan jiahao honey, was the best choice for you. Jiahao honey was a silica gel products factory has more than ten years production experience, founded in 2003, is located in the economically developed horizontal drain town dongguan city, guangdong province. Jiahao honey production factory with independent open mold ability, can according to user's special requirements, to figure, samples developed the silicon products are superior in quality and reasonable price. The company technical force is abundant, variety complete, and support OEM/ODM processing, materials are used for the product passed the American FDA and European LFGB certificate. Below to introduce silicone products customized process under 1, quotation enquiry. Various channels of consulting to clients, customers can through ali, website, telephone, E-mail WeChat, form will need to custom silicone products to drawings or samples to us. Company will have a specialist to provide customers a product evaluation, given the sample mould and production mould and products unit price quotation. 2, sign the contract. If the customer accepted the quotation, we will draw up the silicone products customized procurement contract, the two sides formally after signing the contract, the customer in accordance with the contract 50% mold fee in advance, after waiting for samples confirm qualified, pay the mould balance payment. 3, confirm sample. Sample mold opening, the color of the company according to customer requirements, hardness, quality and quantity for samples, samples and inspection report sent to the customer, the customer received the sample after testing, to ensure the quality and technology parameters are required, and sign send back to you, as the subsequent big goods production. 4, production of goods. Company sign board according to the customer, in accordance with the requirements of the order quantity and arrange the mass production, if the order information change, if there is new technology or quality requirements need to be notified in advance, no special circumstances, will be in accordance with the delivery is completed, if there are any emergency, timely communication on both sides. 5, packaged goods. Custom silicone products after the completion of the inspection and packaging, the packaging must be in accordance with customer requirements, customers in a timely manner after receiving the silica gel products need to test and put in storage, how to find bad can undertake processing, promptly notify the manufacturer if the inspection is correct, complete this order. To select custom silicone products wholesale manufacturers, jiahao honey, small make up remind everybody, must choose normal, professional silicone products manufacturer. Want to customize the qualified silicone products and want to appropriate and reasonable price, need from the factory scale, silica gel production equipment, factory quality and so on various aspects comprehensive considerations. Above is the silica gel products custom wholesale manufacturers information, hope to be of help. Read more articles recommended the silica gel mask rope silica gel mask ear with silica gel products applied? '
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