Silica gel - remote control buttons Silicone custom wholesale phone remote control keys

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-25
Silica gel 1 remote control buttons, the high-purity epoxy resin and curing agent according to the inevitable share with good separation and into the drops of glue after mixing average in POTS. Ratio of 2, using a glue pot will be a good high-purity epoxy resin according to the amount of drops in the end of screen printing, oil spraying, laser carving technology appearance, silicone buttons and placed in the silicone button appearance average flow away. 3, such as silicone rubber adhesive or larger area drops the number of keystrokes is large drops of gum bubbles may goods, available at the moment the flame to help row bubble gun spraying and flame. 4, good drop rubber silicone buttons placed around 12 h with high-purity epoxy resin cured completely, if in order to promote the production efficiency is also available on the premise of 60 ~ 70 ℃ oven bake to glue completely cured. 5, to drop by silicone buttons appearance of high-purity epoxy resin cured thoroughly, glue technology ends at the moment. Remote control button silica gel silica gel where there are sold: the remote control buttons and the small remote control button manufacturer more book without decent engineering team, the boss is a salesman and engineer or operator, even more book without a comparatively perfect project management system. And we jiahao honey is to have a such attention professional team, can for the customer service anytime and anywhere. Remote control button silicone custom factory recommendation: who is familiar with the car we all know, there will be many buttons on car, especially the car on the console. The earliest time is most of the buttons above adopt plastic hard buttons, but there are a lot of car companies over the years and has introduced the silicone buttons. Such as gac has recently found a silica gel products factory dongguan customized silica gel is used to control the hand brake car keys. China's car ownership is now striding increase year by year, such as guangzhou, saic, dongfeng, baic this several domestic well-known automobile manufacturers are also trying to improve their competitiveness, improve customer experience. Gac takes the lead in introducing the silicone buttons will undoubtedly become a new bright spot, if can receive market favor, other automakers will be scrambling to follow suit. So big like gac group co. , LTD. , will choose the supplier how to do the car keys? Dongguan silicone production factory telephone remote control buttons: customers will ask for this, to think, from the perspective of customers in order to save time, with a fast time to find suitable for their products key, that is better. There is one possibility is that the customer came to jiahao honey's official website, see web site product classification, classification a classification according to the use, technology classification, P + R classification and material classification. Including classification under the various styles of silicone buttons, so customers will have been browsing right product key. If you find the right keys will be actively looking for customer service to ask, not to turn off the web directly. Has been like this, and then slowly to find in the vast network. Dongguan jiahao honey ya technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2010 in June, was established at the beginning of the hundred customers for remote control manufacturer, consensus hundred production all kinds of silicone and p + r remote control button, with the continuous development of the company, the company's business in various fields to extension, currently besides silicone production remote control buttons, mainly also produces automobile silicone key, instruments and meters, heavy machinery equipment key and daily cashier, etc. , are widely used in communications, automotive, security and heavy machinery, medical, military and consumer electronic field. Has now successfully open mold custom nearly 3000 products, well received by customers. Air-dried dry, be careful of fire, although people fire prevention consciousness is very strong, but there will always be an accident, in the face of sudden disaster, the first thing to remain calm, and then take relevant measures, such as: to evacuate, rational use of fire extinguishers, open the alarm switch, etc. , an emergency every small action has a decisive role, some details also tend to influence the development of things, today small make up just to tell you about the fire alarm fire resistance to high temperature silicone buttons?
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