Silica gel set of front end into joint ear directly have played an important role in isolation from the noise

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-24
Everyone enterprise this article key silica gel products are led lights such as silica gel, led lights belt silicone casing pipe silica gel set of front end further joint ear directly have the effect of the isolated noise, along with the continuous development of business process, processing factory stamp is the introduction of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, we can manufacture a variety of silicone rubber molding product, the key to molding silicon rubber sealing ring, foaming silicone piece goods such as dominant, sincerely welcome you to dial the telephone inquiry procurement and sample is completely free to use. Ear cover design as in-ear design scheme of the silicone set of front end development longer can deep ear canal, shark fin Angle is similar with mobile phone headset fixed effect of silica gel set within the inner ear presented the medium model each pair, medium size the default setting is installed on the mobile phone headset, if independent number must be new or small size can change, it is quite comprehensive, with high-end headphones style earmuffs wearing comfort are selected silica gel sets, completely suitable silicone can indeed produce unusual set of noise reduction and comfort. I chose the medium size, wearing below the figure. Silica gel set of front end development deep cater to ear canal immediately have the effect of blocking noise, and the Angle of the shark fin is right hook has a fixed in the inner ear ear cover, the specific feeling sharp shaking on also won't fall down, if good stationary noise reduction module, even in the home treadmill exercise is no problem. BOSE the silica gel set of quality is very good, the material is soft, not easy on the ear canal and inner ear and friction feeling, which leads to relatively large silica gel set of front end further joint ear directly play the role of the isolated noise can wear for a long time without work pressure.
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