Silica gel set of material is a highly active adsorption material

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-24
Silica gel set of material is a kind of highly active adsorption material, the people to discuss a new problem. The same silicone bracelet, the same grinding tool, why also can appear contrary. Here, I first eliminate processing plant machinery and equipment, staff and other ingredients, the remaining is silicone rubber raw materials. Silicone rubber products raw materials _ on silica gel set, not the same as silicone rubber is not the same as the price of raw materials, the prices of the goods is the effect that cause. A kilo of general silicone rubber and high temperature resistant silicone rubber, the price may be dozens of hundreds of block apart. As heat resistant silicon rubber to make silicone sets, resistant to high temperature to 343 degrees Celsius, and generally only high temperature 200 degrees Celsius. _ silica gel sets of silicone rubber products manufacturers of raw materials not specified consumer application general silicone rubber can be, but some consumers will be stipulated silica gel set of resistance to heat, electrostatic induction, flame retardant these rules, there is need to apply the relative characteristics of silicone rubber raw materials, price of course will be high small batch. After silicone mobile phone sets from forming grinding tool to remove some burr can harm the following from appearance, must use segment or scissors cut clean and tidy, burr this whole process is pressing, in other words down side, the production processing. Silicone mobile phone sets of the blank holder is a pure handmade, practical work regulations, operators carefully and patient, if the operators do not have to carefully cut is very easy to cause burr repairing incomplete, endangering the shapes of silicone sets, if do not have patience is very easy to silica gel set shear damage and crack, therefore from the silicone mobile phone casing pressure side basically all is in the work carefully and patiently MM oh! Silica gel set of raw materials is a kind of enzyme adsorption materials, amorphous chemicals, the chemical formula for mSiO2 · nH2O. Don't dissolve all water and organic solvent, non-toxic, no smell, physical properties stable, in addition to strong acid, hydrochloric acid with reflect all chemicals. Silicone rubber bi-component organic chemistry and physics structure, decision it has a lot of other similar raw materials can not replace features: high adsorption properties, good heat resistance, stable physical properties, have higher impact toughness of the silica gel set of tonal, is based on the silicone rubber raw materials by plus a proportion of color paste. Theory, on the pantone color can be made out, the specific circumstances, can appear a certain level of partial color. In front of the silicone set manufacturers have heaven silicon rubber is science and customer share, on the surface of the same silicone rubber products, the internal structure will be very different, lead to grinding tool costs will increase many. The tailor-made for honours bluetooth wireless headset, silica gel sets can is closely connected with mobile phone headset is clingy. Immediately put the wireless bluetooth headset set into the silica gel set, exterior level is concise and elegant appearance, fashionable air, multi-color optional, bottom also deliberately embedded charging, the battery fast and convenient, also the design scheme of embedded inside ear around hang rope or key ring installation, convenient cleaning, hard pinch is not easy to deformation, material soft comfortable. Custom-made silicone set of silicone rubber products production and processing of belongs to complex processing technology, and not every kind of silicone rubber products processing way and is all the same with silica gel set of material is a kind of highly active adsorption material.
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