Silica gel tableware compared with traditional tableware - The advantages of good what is where

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-15
We every hard to avoid in everyday life dealing with kitchen utensils kitchenware, in the face of white white net ceramic dishes and metal shovel spoon will inevitably produce some tasteless, so according to consumer's freshness, plastic, TPE, wood and so on material gradually into the kitchen, and silica gel tableware also slowly to join, for our daily life has brought more sense of ritual and good mood, so the silicone tableware in our life exactly what are the advantages and benefits? Compared with plastic, metal, its main advantage is that no toxicity and smell, as of rubber and plastic materials only can reach the environmental health level of materials, silica gel tableware can direct contact with the human body, and no harm, so it is listed as one of our daily necessities of life, by consumers welcome. As plate boiler bowl, it is the same as the ceramic delicate, same resistance to fall off, and plastic and hardware category, and more harmonious life can be widely used, so as the silicone bowl, silicone pot and so on tableware supplies, as silicone cooking supplies, it has unique side, can cooperate with nylon, metal or plastic secondary sulfide styling mutual fusion, acting on the outdoor low temperature cooking, wild roast burning, household scoop shovel and so on in perfect. What are the advantages of using silica gel tableware characteristics: 1, environmental non-toxic, can contact with the food and the food properly, can enter the mouth, use pure natural food grade silicone raw materials custom processing, environmental non-toxic, safe. 2, resistant to high and low temperature, under normal circumstances can reach 240 degrees, the silicone used dishes can be directly into the microwave oven, used for boiling water washing is not affected by material sex completely. Toughening in 3, texture soft, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturers choose paste solid silica gel processing molding, in the process of production has been completely the product of sulfide fixed-line completely, can be produced with different hardness to customize 4, color diversity, but make it single color or double color even more color, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances are generally based on single color is given priority to, in the process of production can choose different color, through the pantone color number and color for production. 5, convenient cleaning, clean with clear water and detergent easily after practical non-stick pan, non-stick pan, excellent hydrophobic let it air dry after washing speed, unlike the normal ceramic bowl dish is that it is not easy to damage in the cleaning. 6, and anti-slip and tableware are stuttering, and silicone material both children and the elderly don't have to but broke dent problem, completely solve the problem of brittle, and have good anti-skid abrasion resistance. Travel in July and receive a convenient, lu you, outdoor dining essential supplies, folding receive, also can be arbitrary twist contraction, convenient carrying and storing, occupied area is small, when using direct open can. Now the kitchen utensils and appliances industry have silicone materials listed in the precedent of choice with silicone material as consumers are more and more of tableware, silica gel products industry is becoming more and more prosperous, many daily necessities of life choose custom processing with silicone material, kitchen utensils and appliances series already occupied a category.
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