Silica gel tableware insulation pad, how to choose the eat mat can increase appetite

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-15
Sometimes a dish can recall diner appetite, also need with the help of silica gel tableware insulation pad, in addition to the smell of food, food, the collocation of between the plate and eat mat also with visual impact. So in the porcelain tableware products exhibition hall, the exhibits are on top of eat mat. Food color is very important, and the blue and white Japanese insulation of eat mat, it is easy and white, blue and other dishes to match together. Gray and white eat mat, also very suitable for light and tableware. In today's advocating environmentalism and original taste, a piece of recycled water to wash, or restore ancient ways or contracted silicone material table mat, is at the same time of anti-fouling, fill the table with the thick cultural and artistic style of choice. Silica gel represents the environmental protection, construction is more of a warm, American pastoral atmosphere. Silica gel can be primary or by adding masterbatch, get more color, is a joker, and blue may appear to be a jump, is suitable for the senior players play with your food better at. And the silicone material is easy to clean, durable use, and the characteristics of the approximation to traditional textile material, can completely replace the linen. Jingdong mall in recent years, according to the silicone meal kitchen utensils and appliances sales increase. And in the silicone table mat can printing and dyeing all kinds of design, tactile, visual and more advanced. Select table insulation pad is also a fun part of life, choose a better match of eat mat, can eat good increase appetite. So the action of the table mat is not only placed desktop scald, sometimes also 'decoration' life of a tool.
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