Silicon mask _ silica gel set meal _ silicone products use

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-11
Small make up to bring you the silicone mask, silicone meal set of silica gel process, dongguan silicone factory design. At present the new ceramic silicone rubber in the flame can form self supporting ceramic body, have a certain strength, thermal shock and electric performance is good, in 650-00 ℃ high temperature of flame, a certain period of time ( 0. 5~2h) Can maintain the integrity of the structure, can play the effect of 'passive fire protection', win precious time for fire control safety. And halogen free, low smoke, low toxic, self-extinguishing, environmental protection, easy processing, etc. Now mobile phones are using full screen organic glass and hard plastic shell, is not very good for protection and resistance, and silica gel has good drop in fall is a very good safety springback buffer, have fairly good bearing capacity can prevent broken, and facing the surface scratch bruised flowers don't have too big problem. Polypropylene material is polypropylene, a kind of plastic, it is a kind of high density, high side chain, linear polymer crystallization, excellent comprehensive performance. Mainly use household jugs, bucket, beverage bottles, plastic bags, snack box. With silicone material to produce silicone mobile phone sets of soft close skin because of material itself, texture soft, plasticity and other characteristics, to the popular new colorful phone set. Once those with two long ears have cell phone sets of turn you? The design concept of this kind of mobile phone sets are mainly from the rabbit ears, give a person a kind of cute and very feeling. Silicon mask, silica gel set meal. In the use of solvents, acetone won the highest concentration of soluble substance ( Weight ratio of about 2%) And ethanol, water or other medium low concentration of extracts were obtained. According to the purpose of this study, the acetone is likely to be in the study of 'excessive' ideal solvent. Silicone tube sample structure is crucial, because the silicone tube sample thickness is thicker, the dissolution rate is lower. As expected, storage or after sterilization, reduce the dissolution. Silicone band are frequently used in recent years, the quality of commonly used above tend to have a problem is not improved, so lead to the silicone band is not the main reason for the market to accept or belong to appearance and material problems, so both and include what problem? Silicon mask, silica gel set meal. Silica gel products factory production of medical grade silicone products, raw material selects the international famous brand - - Dow corning, each batch of product model to dow corning's headquarters on the database, every product to pass strict inspection. Dongguan jiahao honey products factory, silica gel products production and processing, mould design, dongguan silicone products are: silica gel plates, silica gel pad, silicone mask, silicone dinner set, silicone, silicone kitchenware, silicone products, silicone gifts custom design manufacturers.
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