Silicone bib silicone strap science silicone products at home and abroad, the difference in where

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-26
Silicone bib, silicone strap is made of silicate polycondensation, avirulent insipidity, chemical performance is very stable, not any response from the acid and alkali salt. Because the silicone is colloid structure, has a number of microporous and, for water has a strong absorption ability. So silicone bib, silicone strap can be used as food, medicine, daily necessities of the desiccant for external use only, because the silicone is after refining of raw materials production and sterilization, and won't have side effect to human body. Science silicone products at home and abroad, what's the difference between it and this is not for what, but upstream suppliers of raw materials in China and has a certain gap in foreign countries, such as silicone downstream is now a lot of silicone products manufacturer, choice of different materials lead to the product performance appear different contrast or quality is not stable, such as some need good functional silicone rubber products, the main reason of can not meet the use demand may also was caused by the raw material, so now a lot of factory refused to use homebred brand is what caused this reason! For raw materials to make the difference between both precision silicone pieces, or silica gel commonly used accessories and so on has certain difference from various aspects, such as heavy feel will get a different comfort, import material rich feel stronger, better toughness and strength of springback, and the color composition of raw materials also have certain difference, so not to say how good the quality of the abroad, but resulting in the product performance and stability of customers and consumers. Steamed bread with silica gel pad food grade raw materials production, high temperature 200 degrees so repeatedly used under high temperature of 180 degrees will not happen deformation or liquefaction. The current domestic production of silicone pad are mainly concentrated in guangdong dongguan belt, food-grade silicone products are mainly produced by the place, except steamed bread with silica gel pad jiahao now honey and products factory production of silicone bib is also very popular. Silicone commodities, tpe heat resistance than silicone rubber products, property decreased with temperature rise is larger, and the applicable scope is limited. At the same time, the compression deformation, elastic recovery, poor durability compared equivalent rubber, prices are often higher than the similar rubber and plastic materials. Met a bucket, but also is the first time I seen such a bucket, when not folded, literally in a corner, don't think this is the bucket, does not occupy a space is one thing, it is important to those of you who like fishing, hung on package strings, use directly open the can. Silica gel products requirements for procurement to clear, the requirements are mainly silica gel, the purpose of the product using the environment, product attributes, if these most basic information cannot confirm silicone products manufacturer, will lead to the silicone factory standard production, because only know these can choose corresponding silica gel material, adopt rational production process. Aromatic ketone polymers, including poly (ether ether ketone), polyether ketone, polyether ketone ketone. Polyether ether ketone are the main varieties, semi crystalline polymer, the glass transition temperature & gt; 143 ℃, melting point & gt; 334℃。 A single set of device scale thousand tons/year. Huan drink reading: silicone bib, silicone strap, directly contact the dongguan custom silicone products manufacturer; Tel: 400 - 0769 - 878;
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