Silicone gift custom processing, what do you know the process?

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-14
Silicone gift as one of the contemporary hot popular gift, have to say that the market reaction is beyond your imagination entirely, 2017 children around the world in our country kind of gifts as well as children's toys gifts, containing silicone fittings occupy 18% of the market, and a variety of material by contrast in addition to plastic and silicone material is to occupy the front, as the silica gel supplier, silica gel gifts can get the good feedback is all about materials and technological achievements! Material za not much said, silicone material itself belongs to the environmental protection non-toxic materials, according to the color of love and softness arbitrarily allocate to achieve good visual effect and feel the effect, nature is little not people chase after hold in both hands, so when it comes to processing technology maturity, then fully demonstrated by silica gel gifts in China for many years processing pattern has got good reaction effect! Silicone gift can be divided into a variety of modes of production, mold hot pressing molding, liquid injection molding, a glue fragmentation process, exterior appearance screen printing process and transfer process. Silicone products molding mold process: silicone gift manufacturers custom processing product ontology color material in the first place, mixing adding curing agent and color rubber raw materials, the raw material for cutting, for high temperature vulcanization molding, molding effect! Screen printing process, screen printing technology mainly in the product surface printing design and LOGO, is more common in the inside of the silicone gifts category a craft, design product surface level off, the color may be factors, such as double color, three color, and so on double color molding process: double color molding mainly USES the second shaped mold, will make a finished product appearance on the surface of the design and font, in the mold is put in the main product fixed to the up and down into the main body of the raw materials for secondary sulfur molding, product process is simple, can highlight stereo feeling. But only suitable for double color, three color, etc. A few kinds of color, not easy to do more other colors! Adhesive glue craft: drops process in the role of the gift is one of the more common many silicone products will use to glue process, because it can do any color combination, mainly adopts a glue machine is used in the mold injection different color rubber mold core surface, a hot press molding color effect, product to make it can display a variety of colors and a variety of three-dimensional feel! Transfer printing process: transfer mainly in design, and screen printing is different, it's a pattern can be printed many colors and large area printing, especially for don't want a stereo feeling of the products and want more will need to use the technology of color!
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