Silicone gift of choose and buy what you need to pay attention to?

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-27
With the popularity of green marketing, environmental protection silicone rubber as a part of our life and work you, extensive role to less than you think, but also lay the silicone products gradually replaced a lot of things in life, than now make silicone gifts promotional gifts small gift industry gradually become one of the first item of modern promotion gifts, especially the event gifts, gift store items and large banquet activities, and so on, but the 'how to choose and buy the silicone gift' became a reality norm, can't find the desired effect and want quality and so on factors, so to this phenomenon, small make up to reveal something about the choose and buy of silicone gifts for you tip! First standard is very important, we all need to have any industry in accordance with industry standards, and silicone rubber products and silicone promotional gifts industry standard is not the following several points: 1, product appearance: black bastard affect the surface appearance of the product, the product surface inconsistent affect appearance, products appear mixed color, lead to bad appearance color, production processing and lead to bad appearance! 2, the quality of your goods: there was a lack of glue, mainly processing sulfide product soft or too fragile, internal bulge and external bulge surface factors. 4, structured problem: mould processing precision is poor, mold the wrong as well as the product caused many bad can belong to the mould structure, so the products processing and mould is the core content of! 3, raw material quality problem: raw material affects the product's functionality and effect, different ways of using the environment and require using different rubber custom, rather than a piece of ordinary glue, such as the need to high strength, high transparent or anti-aging UV resistant factors and so on. And according to the silicone factory professional perspective, silica gel gifts customized processing appearance is the most major problem, because the type is decorated products so appearance is is one of the importance, the second is that is according to the size of the product to analyse the structural and quality problems, the final raw material whether to choose high quality raw materials can meet the requirements of food grade contact with skin and so on! So silicone gift when the choose and buy, you need according to the silicone gift manufacturer of the above causes of the poor, and presents the common problems for analysis, combined with their requirements and performance, and the public needs and customize the high quality products, but in addition still need according to oneself combined with customer requirements, such as the selection of color can reach any requirements, the service life of the product has the need to meet what requirements, the supplier can do is to realize the you describe demand and achieve the effect you want!
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