Silicone heat insulation gloves can, in the mind have a bottom

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-23
The function of practical commodity always get consumer suspicion, as is common in the market now insulating silicone gloves, although the product already on the market sell like hot cakes, but has yet to buy friends always less impressed, 'heat insulation or not, heat resistance and heat-resistant' became the many demands of the deliberate intention of problem, so this kind of silicone products on what exactly have said such a function? Ordinary silica gel products have certain thermal insulation effect, as in silicone rubber products factory production and processing time of molding curing temperature was as high as 190 degrees, so within 280 degrees are often boiled water and won't cause any problems, baked goods, normally touch water, high temperature cleaning items will not product problems, so there is no insulation is not silicone gloves can't solve! ! ! ! If have the special material. As some special properties of products have different ratio of raw material to achieve the result of performance, such as high strength, high resilience, high transparency, high density and high temperature resistance and other properties, and the performance of different for different materials, such as silicone insulated gloves if you need a little higher heat resistance effect, suggest that can use room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, the hydroxyl silicone oil and gas phase white carbon black, iron oxide, ultrafine non-alkali glass cotton mix, high temperature resistant effect will than ordinary rubber increase by more than 30%, specific need to test the effect! If only household gloves and purchasing intention, can achieve the effect that general silicone gloves, performance can be achieved non-toxic, environmental protection, impervious and heat insulation, warm, can not burn, and other sex, routine use of silicone rubber gloves still can achieve the effect you want! ( http://www。 smilymia。 com)
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