Silicone product material properties and the die structure

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-06
A, silica gel products material features A. Silicone materials generally for gel, somewhat akin to silly putty, colorless translucent, tasteless. B。 Its main characteristic is high temperature resistant, Up to 300) And low temperature resistant, Minimum - 100) , is the best cold resistant, high temperature resistant rubber; At the same time, good electrical insulation, high, to the stability of the thermal oxidation and ozone chemical inertness. Defect is low mechanical strength, oil resistance, solvent resistance and acid-proof alkaline poor, difficult to sulfide, the price is more expensive. Temperature: - 60 ~ + 200. The above is of silicone rubber in the manual. C。 Temperature: as above, Syria, generally set to - 40 - — 200, work in a short time of up to 230. D。 Ageing problems: poor resistance to oil, acid, alkaline, and stress distribution. E. Bonding problem: before without surface treatment, in addition to using silica gel products as adhesive and adhesive, silica gel parts with other parts together all must go through surface activation, rubber vulcanization processing to cement. Who can with rubber vulcanization reaction or make crosslinking material referred to as vulcanizing agent, also known as crosslinking agent. Vulcanizing agent a lot of more phyletic, and also on the rise, already use vulcanizing with sulfur, selenium, tellurium, sulphur compounds, metal oxide, peroxide, resin, quinones and amine, etc. F。 The hardness by shaw of the hardness of the material: plastic theory in the domestic market can choose between 10 to 80 degrees. Can be found easily in 20 degrees to 70 degrees, the most commonly used is 40 to 50 degrees. Second, the silica gel products production process: A: raw material shape and color. B: after the color mixing milky-white silica gel displacement of all sorts of color piece of material. C: after mixing plastic, will be pressed into the raw materials, cut into a piece of a material. D: vulcanization molding. E: the nap, disassembly, inspection, packaging. Three, product size and features A and limit of size: most can do 15 ~ 20 mm thick, if it is A sphere, can do 30 mm in diameter. Generally recommended size is not greater than 3 mm thickness, when greater than 3 mm, will cost more vulcanization time and increase the cost. The thinnest place theory can reach 0. In the design of 2 mm, but take the thinnest commonly 0. 3 mm, recommend the 0. 4MM。 B, relative size: differences in thickness, the thinnest and the thickest in suggested that not more than three times. Such problems when sulfide mainly depends on the material requirements for temperature and pressure. C, shrinkage. Shrinkage is associated with the hardness of the material of the silicone material, silica gel products processing manufacturer provides more in 1 time. 022-1. 042 between, for 40 to 50 degrees of material, usually take 1. 03 shrinkage. Relative to the plastic, silicone products will not produce similar apparent surface defects by shrinking. D, dimensional accuracy: by the size of the silicone products for more than a mold cavity, relative to the hole very much plastic products. So there is no plastic products as convenient size control. The general accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1, high precision products of plus or minus 0. 05. When cooperate with plastic parts when the fit between the hole and buttons, the minimum clearance to take unilateral 0. 1, the recommended value for unilateral 0. 2. E, appearance design, for glue set of parts, generally according to the appearance of product figure for the original figure can be supplied by the mold factory, cooperate to explain the problem, the mold factory's discretion. In general, depending on the product size, plastic cover with products for unilateral commonly small 0. 2 to 0. 5 the negative deviation. Four, the mould structure: A. Mould thickness limit: tentative 250 mm, size of up to 500 x500, products in the mold area biggest can do 400 x400. Die structure mode on general points, lower die, floor, roof, plunger, mold core, hinges and other auxiliary parts. When silicone product design should pay attention to the characteristics of the mould and production technology: B. Demoulding: silica gel products mold release can be directly take off. No design for the size of the defects of strong product requirements mainly is to maximize mold core and mold release convergent place than the circumference of the smallest, for products can do 2 - under 55 ° Three times, forced demoulding of the parts can't exist rupture and opening Angle. Because of the requirement when sulfide under the temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, stripping work besides the fluctuation of the mould itself apart, is almost entirely manual. So when parts design should consider to take off the convenient and fast. In order to avoid affecting parts by stripping time is too long vulcanization quality and production efficiency. The main means for the silicone mold release for manual, the roof movement schedule also is very small, so the silicone mold not inclined top compared with plastic moulds. Generally do not set the core pulling. C。 Plastic injection mold, mold core is fixed: with silicone mold mold core in general mould drawing parts with product parts removed together. So in the fixed mold core and accurate positioning is plastic mould is difficult to handle, higher requirements on the mold core of steel. To do the mold core together commonly, a fixed all the mold core. Or will die cores on auxiliary equipment, make its can quickly locate. Because there are a lot of pressure in the process of clamping, so should keep moving mold core.
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