Silicone products manufacturer of solid and liquid technology difference is what appearance

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-03
Silicone rubber products industry, a lot of the appearance of the product surface effect affects its whole selling point, also has a lot of products can reach a certain parameters on functional makes it get consistent high praise, this kind of products mainly used in mixed rubber industry with solid and liquid, their production process for many consumer is difficult to distinguish and select method to make a lot of silica gel products should be simple but unnecessary costs, some products should have precision machining has been short of product requirements, so how to correctly choose the silicone processing! Technological requirements to choose the main still need products according to your requirements, for the processing technology of the silica gel at present, the segment types have a lot of kinds, and is one of liquid and solid, they have in common is the product in the mold of curing, processing of silica gel products will give you two different effect. Solid silica gel with liquid silicone generally divided into two kinds of different processing methods, each have each advantage of their existence, so both process will not be eliminated at the moment, the current main solid silicone products can be applied to some miscellaneous pieces of sealing, and electronic peripheral accessories and some parts appearance, high efficiency, low cost, and at the request of the function appearance can also reach a certain. The liquid silicone is different, it is aimed at some quality and type of product, high demand for parting line is a major advantage, materials belong to liquid form, simple sense is higher, for the present is for medical devices and life daily industry products more widely, so it is more close to the high-end type products, and the defect is the cost is higher, die steel, and product material price is too expensive, so suggest to choose solid technology to product efficacy and quality under the premise of also can give up using liquid process, the cost of products more perfect, after all, also won't too low! Although technology has a great influence, but for the effect of silica gel product appearance quality, whether liquid or solid, the product of the more important is its production process, the high quality silica gel products main problem of silicone rubber products manufacturers and product precision mould surface treatment effect, and different steel and mould technology affect the entire product details.
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