Silicone products manufacturer product quality is always a topic

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-01
Silicone products manufacturer product quality is always a topic for the silicone products manufacturer, we have what advantage? We established 20009 month, the company at present there are about 200 staff, forming die and 40 sets of the machine, printing machine more than 20 units, the company registered capital of 5 million, 3000 square meters production workshop, we have in Germany, Japan precision CNC mold machining center and the hydraulic molding machine, has 25 manufacturing engineers specializing in the production of the supervision work, the precision mold, product production has the independent design and development capabilities. On the production side, we focus on production of silicone products, rubber products, miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber are commonly used daily, silicon furniture supplies, industrial supplies, rubber silicone accessories, kitchen utensils and appliances, buttons and so on research and development production, processing, because we in the silicone industry of seasoning, has got a lot of cooperation partners with customer recognition, in product manufacturing, production management, after-sales service for the vast number of friends, good reputation, quality of early we don't miss any adverse on production technology, strict management for qc department, must pass a test three times above, be sure to packaged goods, in terms of delivery, we for many customers, they trust, recognition and trust, we fastest 3 days to make the customer's hands, we on production technology, continuous innovation change constantly, constantly pursue, with excellent technology and more credibility to the customers provide the most excellent products and services, we by the high quality product and long term cooperation since many of our customers return the support, we together hand in hand, create brilliance! Kiss smell, can put the silicone cut off a little bit of burn, silicone bracelet, really burning edge is white and burning residue as powder. And false silica gel hand ring after fire edge is black, the flame burning, smoke, black with a stench. Silicone gift, dongyue 27 year net profit rose 160% year-on-year, don't forget to pay a sweat. You remember the end of dongyue group cash awards conference? Dongyue one-time took out 100 million yuan to reward for group make a significant contribution to the team and individuals, organic silicon company team is at a profit special award of 500000 yuan. Strong ah! Now, the two sides agreed to encourage two-way investment. Please note that not only the American investment in China, also include investment in China, it means that the United States to take action, strive to create a fair competitive business environment. Mold manufacturing difficulty lies in the mm and micron size control, feed, etc. , ensure the feed temperature control requirements, the temperature of the mold release for stability, feeding pressure control can affect the product blowholes, defects, etc. , will directly affect the reliability of the waterproof function finally. From the picture you can see the whole industrial park has permeated in the smoke, the internal factory workers injured by a colleague helped to run the factory gate, with obvious traces of burns, fortunately the fire cause workshop chemical materials factory burned down, and two employees injury is lax, did not cause severe losses.
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