Silicone rubber silicone rubber silicone manufacturers of silicone rubber market again meet cold in winter

by:Smily Mia     2020-12-08
Upstream silica gel factory stick to the bottom line of silicone rubber market again cold winter product details of raw rubber, raw rubber price stability is given priority to, the downstream market continue on-demand procurement mode. Mainstream price stability, local small fluctuations, through a series of maintenance and the load down production, monomer enterprises inventory pressure drop. Mixing rubber mixing rubber: market continued weakness, downstream demand, still could not raise the price trend. Smooth silicon metal, silicon metal prices overall, as the south was stopped production factory, enterprise want to quote firm. Device of the shandong region: shandong Jin Ling prepared to restart; Shandong dongyue ready to restart. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian maintenance; Xinan zhenjiang plant maintenance. Various defects existing in the silicone tube may include: extrusion line or gel ( May be in the extruder premature solidification) ; Air bubbles ( Moisture can be double roller mill in the process of solidification cooling roller form water vapor absorption, or h - Si ≡ adverse event with hydroxyl of platinum cured substances to form hydrogen) ; Particle pollution. Silica gel products factory, it is understood that in the past two years, including special glass, super silicon semiconductor, graphene materials, aviation titanium alloy, such as new materials production enterprises and the research team, have also settled in chongqing. Among them, in April this year, the Nobel Prize ( Chongqing) Two-dimensional material research institute officially settled in liangjiang new area, chongqing first research and development of new materials with two-dimensional platform project. Because the dow in the chemical industry, silicone new material has great influence, so the increase in the price of this wave greatly may at present although prices but still soft silicone market brings no small impact, spur domestic enterprise of raw materials to rise, leading to a new wave of price increases, but in the end still can cause a lot of small and medium-sized enterprise material distress problems. Sinopec Qingdao oil refining chemical industry co. , LTD. Of the public 'megaton ethylene project eia' information, to solicit public opinion. Qingdao refining was completed and put into production in June 20 years, with a total investment of 12. 6 billion yuan, is a single series of thousands of ton oil refining project in China. The one million tons of ethylene project is based on the construction investment. At present different gasket materials in rubber and plastic materials in the field of no use, such as silicone gaskets field is adopted by the environmental protection electronic accessories, and other fields, that if you want to apply to water, strong high and low temperature and different environment, how to choose? The past, you should get what you want to choose!
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