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by:Smily Mia     2021-02-11
Small make up to bring you the silicone design, silicone washbasin silica gel process, characteristics of silicone products. Type heat vulcanization silicone rubber is refers to the high relative molecular mass ( 400000 ~ 600000) The silicone rubber. With organic peroxide as curing agent, free radicals are generated from the heating decompose organic peroxide, and fundamental form of organic side clinch a deal with rubber, thereby gaining vulcanizates. Silicone rubber can be used ordinary rubber processing equipment for processing, but should pay attention to: keep clean processing, can not be mixed with rubber, oil or other impurities, otherwise it will influence on the performance of the silicone rubber vulcanization and; Silica gel products should be carried out in the oven hot air for a long time the second period of sulfide, in order to improve the performance of the vulcanizates. Silicone material can be widely used in medical industry is inseparable from the gas phase silicon dioxide, if we compare organic silicon materials to the health care industry angel, then gas phase silica is the pair of wings of an angel. In our commonly used drugs, gas phase silica is also has its unique characteristics of medicine. With silicone material to produce silicone mobile phone sets of soft close skin because of material itself, texture soft, plasticity and other characteristics, to the popular new colorful phone set. Once those with two long ears have cell phone sets of turn you? The design concept of this kind of mobile phone sets are mainly from the rabbit ears, give a person a kind of cute and very feeling. Silica gel design, silicone wash basin. At present, though some organic silicone monomer manufacturers parking overhaul, but the overall construction remains high, supply source ability strong. Many silicone companies rotary header, not part of the glue are also chose parking in this time or production or maintenance. Drug inspection personnel is the hose and container material migration problem is divided into 'deposition' and 'dissolution'. The former refers to the material under the condition of normal use of the migration, while the latter requires high temperature or strong solvents ( 'Worst case') 。 Dissolution content should include the precipitates, and the term will be discussed further here. Silica gel design, silicone wash basin. Dongguan jiahao honey products factory, silica gel products production and processing, mould design, dongguan silicone products are: silica gel plates, silica gel pad, silicone design, silicone washbasin, silicone, silicone kitchenware, silicone products, silicone gifts custom design manufacturers.
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