Silicone tea bag eat silica gel pocket in late July whether open price model

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-24
Silicone tea bag, eat silica gel bag is made of silicate polycondensation, avirulent insipidity, chemical performance is very stable, not any response from the acid and alkali salt. Because the silicone is colloid structure, has a number of microporous and, for water has a strong absorption ability. So silicone tea bag, eat silica gel bag can be used as food, medicine, daily necessities of the desiccant for external use only, because the silicone is after refining of raw materials production and sterilization, and won't have side effect to human body. Upstream pricing many organic silicone materials companies release letter in late July whether open price model with price downturn in recent months, the domestic market and environmental protection policy of environmental protection supervision struck again, shut down maintenance company in the near future will gradually increase, so many upstream silica gel material companies have issued price increases, the reason is no exception, are to raw material prices, labor costs rise, under pressure, companies choose to raise prices, the wave increases from 3% to 5%, the price adjustment, in succession to take effect. See from our daily medical infusion silicone tube, drainage tube, oxygen masks to all kinds of human body such as intravenous cannula, catheter intubation, substitute for blood transfusion tube, etc and all kinds of artificial organs, can use silica materials. In medical beauty industry, breast prosthesis and various fillers also can use the silicone, so it has a very wide range of use. The silicone commodities,? Cost side: cost price support the central uplift. 1 ton per production silicone intermediate DMC use 0, respectively. 58 tons of silicon metal and 3 tons of methanol, as at present, silicon metal and methanol respectively silicone intermediate DMC of 52% and 27% of the cost of materials. 'To provide customers reliable high-quality green products. And silicone rubber products factory all along receives 'is jiahao honey production concept. Company adopts advanced erp management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Silicone products used in the building sealant, adhesive and protective coatings. The silica gel products help protect, enhance and save construction, and provides the building beautiful, innovative features. Silicone is widely used in construction industry because: release town populated areas in anhui province of dangerous chemicals production enterprise transferring implementation plan, requirements within the field of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise potential risks exist 28. All start transferring before the end of the year, 20 completed before the end of the year, involving the province more than 10 cities and counties of more than 40 enterprises. Drinking reading: silicone tea bag, silica gel to custom to eat, it directly related to dongguan custom silicone products manufacturer. Tel: 400 - 0769 - 878;
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