Silicone tea every organic silicon and inorganic silicon silicone handbag to distinguish the distinction between using the reservoir and the advantages and disadvantages

by:Smily Mia     2021-02-22
The distinction between organic silicon and inorganic silicon using compiled and the distinction between the advantages and disadvantages in particularly easily confused with inorganic silicon is we say normally organosilicon waterproofing agent. Namely methyl sodium silicate or potassium silicate. Methyl sodium silicate ( Potassium) The waterproof mechanism is in the substrate surface to generate a few molecules thick layer of insoluble waterproof resin film, usually with 8 - use Times of water dilution. Often used in building materials waterproof, anti-fouling processing and exterior decorative surface waterproof. But this kind of material life won't last very long, especially in the exposure of ultraviolet radiation environment, the surface of hydrophobic effect, materials, waterproof properties is failed. How to identify the organic silicone and inorganic silica inorganic silicon: usually refers to is given priority to with sodium silicate, potassium silicate, lithium silicate, add some additives composite waterproofing agent. The outside, organic silicon and inorganic silicon from aqueous solution is colorless, tasteless; Construction equipment are predominantly or spray watering can. So it's hard to distinguish between the two from the senses. Hydrophobic organic silicon is? Water is the inorganic silicon? In fact can't simply to judge, so are hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface phenomena, one thousand two ingredients have? Then you may have a doubt, the wool stoma of concrete is so small, how do I see pore structure have changed? Here I share with you two angles: from the perspective of crystallization: with hardening of concrete after soaking in solution, observe whether there will be concrete surface appear white crystal. If you have, for the inorganic silicon, the opposite to organic silicon. From this perspective, I would like to be called organic silicon 'osmotic crystallization'; Called the inorganic silicon 'permeable crystallization. The advantages and disadvantages of organic silicone and inorganic silica gel from apparent effect, organic silicon 'lotus effect', easy inspection; And inorganic silicon after spraying the naked eye is hard to tell the difference, it is not easy to test. The penetration depth, organic silicon is often in the concrete surface layer 1 - 2 mm in depth. Therefore, once the concrete surface wear, the waterproof effect is failed. While inorganic silicon can rely on the water as the carrier to inside the concrete 50 mm range, even if the surface wear off a few millimeters, also does not affect the waterproof effect. From the scope of application, organic silicon can only be used in external wall, roof and other parts of the face of the water, and the surface is not suitable for to do other waterproof layer or decorative layer. Welcomed and inorganic silicon can be used in the water can also be used in the back of the water, after inorganic silicon, the surface can also do other flexible waterproof layer or adornment layer, stick relay is not affected. Right from nature, organic silicon inside the concrete pore structure have any effect. While inorganic silicon can be compacted concrete pore structure, increase the strength and permeability resistance. From the point of life, the validity of the organic silicon often only half the time. And the life of the inorganic silicon could theoretically with structure of life. Flexible use, since the organic combination of organic silicone and inorganic silica gel the advantages and disadvantages of each have each, in practice we should combine the advantages of each material, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Calculation is as follows: you 3% reduction to the customer, clinch a deal valence is 120 * ( 1 - 3%) = 114 yuan. If the 13% value-added tax, your income tax is 0 * 0. 13 = 13 yuan, the output tax is 114 * 0. 13 = 1132 yuan, after actual income deduction, the tax payable for you: 1132 - 13 = 132 yuan. The actual gross profit is 114 - 0 - 132 = 1268 yuan. ( Regardless of the intermediate costs) Silicone products manufacturer, automatic production line for film equipment by the power company to design, complete equipment manufacturers more than domestic integration. Membrane materials to adopt the company independent research and development production of special organic silicon material. The material light transmittance over 95%, 7 mpa tensile strength, tear strength of 25 kn/m, breaking elongation can reach more than 800%, has been far in excess of the silicone rubber products high transparent and tpe transparent raw material products, and as the silicone bag, use it can change a lot of unnecessary environmental protection, such as repeated use for a long time, after the cleaning is in use, environmental protection and durable can fully contact with human skin long-term use, long life more durable, repeated after durable durable, resilient resistant to high temperature and low temperature, still relatively complete and practical above the function, so it can replace a large number of plastic material. Other experimental measurement results include: the silicone rubber solid material experiment samples contracted slightly as a whole. Silicon conductive material due to significantly higher resistivity, conductive performance decline. And conductive neoprene material because lost resistive surface coating and improve the performance of electrical conductivity. The method as long as the silicone sealant besmear to be detected in a certain thickness of the polyethylene ( pe) Plastic film, flat, after a period of time to observe plastic film of sealant edge whether level off, if the plastic film becomes uneven, so the sealant has 99% chance of adding the white oil. Dongguan jiahao honey products factory, silica gel products production and processing, mould design, dongguan silicone products are: silica gel plates, silica gel pad, silicone, silicone lid, a new type of silicone scraper, silicone pot mat, silicone hand clamp, silica gel glass, silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts manufacturers custom design! , silicone tea is lain between, the silicone bag
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