Silicone tube, silicone rubber hose is the cause of the smell

by:Smily Mia     2021-03-04
As chemical glue material, it is the most let a person feel secure chemical flavor, in rubber and plastic industry soft glue is known to all types of products is usually the smell of the rubber products is large, and has certain harm, but plastic and other analysing has the same smell, smell is divided into a lot of kinds, a pungent smell of glue, there is also a blunt nose smells like and tasteless, but in the midst of silica gel products article tube type products, pungent smell equally unacceptable, and many consumer buzz: by definition silicone belong to environmental safety materials, can it also produces the pungent smell of glue? The truth of the one you really understand? Article silicone tube used in electronic appliances, such as health care industry is extensive, it smells are likely to be consumer attention so there are certainly doesn't work, silicone products and rubber products production process of basic to know each other, and the material is different, can choose moulded article silicone tube type curing and high temperature extrusion molding, divided into two kinds of technology of material paste and solid block, even with smell, silica gel a major factor in the production of smell is not the same as the smell of rubber, also won't produce harm. In the silicone products manufacturer moulding process of lead to silica gel products appear smell from the catalyst of silica gel products, the main factors from the raw material of silicone hose doesn't detect odorous phenomena, and silicone raw materials in the process of production need to add the catalyst ( In the process of adding also won't produce smell) , after the completion of the add when mixing collagen material after high temperature curing, curing agent could produce pungent smell of glue is not smelly flavor. The main factors lead to this phenomenon is the vulcanizing agent, and curing agent is divided into many brands to type, by different formula, typically silicon rubber products factory, at the same time of purchasing agent need proofing experimental products molding effect, if you buy the silicone tube article have this kind of phenomenon that prove the product is not aware of the smell, and use due to the price of material quality is low, cause odor and other problems have gradually emerged. Usually to ensure that the product is completely tasteless situation may conduct the mediation by two ways, choose platinum catalyst for low-temperature processing, although cost on the high side, but to produce silicone product effect is good, forming effect is good, tasteless environmental protection, no smell, the second is the product after high temperature curing on secondary plus sulfur compounds of odor processing and products, 2 - around 220 hours after high temperature baking 4 hours or so, the product after secondary sulfide basic can achieve FDA certification testing.
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