Silicone zero wallet how to wash, how to avoid the silica gel stained with grey

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-11
Silicone zero wallet because of its creative, and the price is cheap, material function of environmental protection, durable and practical, is popular among the girls and elementary school students. So in use process, surface of silica gel is dirty? Is very simple, if it is the general dust, adhesion is not strong stains, dip in with dishcloth some clean water; If it is oily be soiled, can touch some bath dew wash. Remember that in the process of washing, do not use hard brush wipe or steel wire ball, or you will damage the purse surface of silica gel. So how to completely avoid the silicone purse adhesion dust impurities? It's need to start from the production process, improve production technology, and the use of hot oil, it can eliminate the static electricity on the silicone, don't suck ash. Innovation is the greatest charm of this age, different industry products of different brands, different technology updates, eliminate the generation of products, silicone products is not exceptional also, don't get more new product market, said here has to be said about the silicone purse now, bag is a lot of competitors, and silicone purse is just a layman, the main reason is that now silicone wallet mainly based on the new innovation is given priority to, so today for everyone to introduce silicone purse, understand? Silicon wallet mainly refinement, innovation, only beautiful appearance to attract consumers, with different brand bags and women-only purse, silicone purse convenient small, delicate and beautiful, receive goods is given priority to, so as a decoration and brand than it does not have the upper hand, and as a gift promotion of product is really a good product, there are several advantages to make it as in the sales of other products in recent years. Said the price first, silicone rubber products industry in the price of the product is not too high, and relative to other high-end, precision industry, rare products, prices can't match, the only advantage is cheap, so it's popular everybody can use, especially for students, considering the appearance, everything is very attractive! Material: environmental protection is an important factor in global development, so everyone advocate green environmental protection, advocate is given priority to with safe, silica gel products material is not what you want? In recent years, in addition to the small purse silica gel, silica gel in the consumer goods and daily necessities have good increases, the amount is not worse than other wallet accessories, colorless, tasteless environmental protection material is the development direction of it, it is this kind of silicone purse! Process innovation: silica gel bags mainly adopts a variety of craft, such as silicone, metal, zipper, sewing, etc. , is the core of the zero package technology innovation process, the current technology on silica gel packet can reach dozens of technology, hardware kits, silicone zipper bag, magnetic suction bag, such as structure, surface treatment and color design can be custom. Advantages and practical: receive classification, soft springback, and wear and suited to receive a small object, key coin and so on, go out shopping with it, for you with small objects.
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