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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-06
My eyes before haven't stepped into this industry is one of the silica gel with real life, and thought is not filled with medical additives on the operating table silicone surgery, is thinking the inflatable doll! From entering the industry after just understand silica gel is not as simple as I imagined, as originally so easy as you imagine the life, but after entering society is so difficult, before did not understand the silicone products, I think most of friends is definition of silicone breast implants, cosmetic, sex toys, dolls and so on, and in life you see all the silicone material will think is 'rubber material they are toxic, had better less contact' and finally understand the silicone is not so easy as we imagine. Silicone breast implants or or doll more or silica gel products, for now on the market sell like hot cakes products I think we should get to know a little more about its extensive application and practicability, silicone it belongs to a kind of diversity is rich, has a wide practical performance of a product, in the midst of life we actually for silica gel can be said to be the basic can be seen everywhere, you just didn't care about it, such as a small ring, a small silicone pad, etc. , according to the understanding of the silicone material is also with the understanding of the market to gradually improve, such as the United States in 2005 research and development of silicone bracelet is popular all over the world, produced in 2011 silicone intelligent silica gel protective sleeve to gradually let more friends to know the material of silica gel the unusual. Silica gel this thing you let a professional silicone products manufacturer also could not say how much it has many advantages it attractive places, but the green low carbon environmental protection have made it into other material, if I say it is what is the attraction, I think may be it can make all sorts of color and the material of soft handle, the performance of the other aspects I can't confirm whether can meet the ideal requirements, but according to the experiment and the evaluation of the silicone products many consumer can get the result, for a reasonable price in applicable and reasonable time to carry out a reasonable performance, that this product is worth we advocate, I don't want to let my friends and understanding of the silicone so simple, just want to more don't want to let more people want to so complicated. It was born not sigh, but in this lifetime. It was not lost on its, but drift from place to place. Website: https://dbsilicone. 1688. Com/silica gel products co. , LTD. (dongguan www。 smilymia。 com)
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