Six use straws in the family of the kitchen

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-26
Six use straws in the family kitchen, corner, in every household kitchen often strewn with some straw. Don't think they have much use? Today as follow straw factory small make up together to get to know. 1. Simple and practical sealing clamp can not open the bag sealing, eat, always be affected with damp be affected with damp? Don't live with a straw mouth, cut open a straw, set up, and will not be affected with damp be affected with damp, and leakage, still can insect-resistant. 2. Zero cost vacuum bags, fresh food in vacuum bag save as far as possible, but it's hard to put the air out. Through a straw in the bag, seal the seal, edging out most of the air. Then with the mouth suck off excess air: 3. Straw life-saving BaoHu outside activities, there is a waterproof rescue package is very important. Cut up some rough straw half-and-half, with lighter and sealing pliers, inside put some matches or drugs, installs to seal the matches and so on, critical moment use! 4. Prevent knot necklace how to solve the problem of fine necklace always intertwined? The necklace at one end of the plug into the straws, clasp on the necklace after through a straw. They never get intertwined. 5. Do a whistle like flattening straw, have something to do. Two scissors to cut out a sharp corners, and then can whistle, shear Angle different, sound is different also, slowly explore! 6. Pour a bottle of tomato ketchup bottle design lets a person distress: the palm red film, didn't also can pour a little. Insert a straw into, shook the bottle, ketchup flowing down along the straws. Above is the six use straws in the family kitchen, hope can help to you!
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