Small cups a change of face

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-07
Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers they want business from cafe started register readers, has just walked out of the campus of college students. Small chu and komori just graduated from institute of zhengzhou light industry, art design komori dream to open a belong to his own cafe. 'Our graduation travel specially chose coffee culture is strong city, took a lot of photos in Shanghai and xiamen, tasting every coffee shop, to prepare for our own shop. 'In addition, they have already contacted the like-minded barista, now the whole team morale. 'Xiamen many personalized cafe has a great inspiration to us, the shop area is small, greatly reduces the cost of the rent, but for a good site selection and layout of the personalized favored by the customers. 'Xiao zhu and komori no savings, the start-up capital can only rely on the home, even if students start-up loans can apply for down smoothly, they can only raise ten yuan, so want to open small shop. 'I studied art and design, small he liangjun (software development, we only put any booth at college, so need to learn. 'They urgently want to learn from predecessors cafe management skills, how to improve propaganda on the opening, how to store personnel management, and the two young people interested in the topic. Many a n experienced person is not in favor of the new graduates a buessess no social experience, but for small chu and komori, cafe is their ability to work out a platform, we learned very want to try out. They urgently want to know, only ten yuan, can support their dreams come true. Drinks store operators have a recruit: paper cups 'tall' best business milk tea shop in xiao zhao said, after more than half a year of operation, he found that the effects of beverage packaging on sales is very big. 'At first I use is the most common single paper cup, sealed with powder coating machine, no features. By visiting other businesses, find some shops with a thick white double paper cups, is covered with the black lid, looks beautiful, I very want to buy a drink. 'Xiao zhao said. He immediately to understand the market price of the double layer paper cups, found that indeed a lot higher than single paper cup, he replaced a batch of double paper cups, did appear more 'tall'. Slightly understand painting xiao zhao on the white paper drew some random pattern, widely welcomed by women. During registration, there are many entrepreneurs have said they want to learn how to location, and estimate the traffic and turnover of store, these all need to field investigation. About traffic statistics, and provides a netizen 'defence' : many drinks store cashier system is simpler, the serial number of consumption receipts according to arrange since the childhood, want to know the business situation, some stores just in the morning and go to the store to buy a drink, and take two small notes compare the serial number of the above, will be able to estimate the traffic of the shop one day.
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