Small straw to play out of the great skill in CCTV

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-21
Seemingly humble small straw, in a CCTV show to play out of the big. Don't know 'imagination' the CCTV show everyone seen it? A program in November showed some cold knowledge about straw, usually of straws can play out what tricks? A member of the CCTV show people gathered around to all sorts of interesting different answers - — Straw can do crafts, also can play music, can even instant noodles, can also become a robot. In this programme, Dr Small straw by Cambridge's principle of 'structural mechanics' burden, three props to become the new focus is light straw tower - — Built by the same amount of straw by the structure of the three different models: beam structure, the distance between structure and oblique beam structure anyway. What kind of straw structure can load? 'Because of so, mechanics point! 'The experimenter is once again become a scientific experiment a porter, to tower top progressive increase. As a key topic of spread out the scores, 'don't want to long group' and 'tend to see' race to the open of imagination, a bet on guessing. Small tower can quite exactly? How seemingly weak straws have bearing ability, make the audience eyes? Straw can make? If you want to know the answer, go back to see the 'zhengda variety show. Imagination ', revealed that the plot here small make up.
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