Stone - silicone buttons Stone line of custom silicone buttons telephone

by:Smily Mia     2021-09-15
Stone line of silicone button remote control is a kind of device for the remote control machine. Modern wireless remote control is a kind of wireless transmitting device, it can be through modern digital coding techniques, the key information coding, the transmission light waves by the infrared diode, light waves by the receiver of the infrared receiver to receive the infrared signal into electrical signal, into the processor to decode, demodulating the corresponding instructions to achieve control set-top boxes and other equipment to complete the required operation requirements. So when choosing custom wireless remote control buttons, which asked to need to pay attention to? Stone line of silicone key stone line of silicone custom manufacturer: manual counter or fingers, commonly used in Buddhism with thumb to count, is used to calculate fortune or prophecy, 108 grains of beads, he finished a circle press, representing one hundred times. This time a good feel of the silicone buttons came out, the advantages of BuKa meal, good resilience, feel is good, these factors can be different experience to consumers, who need to purchase manual counter the procurement of silicone buttons, you worry about worry about manual counter silicone buttons handle? With the progress of science and technology and the rising young consumption group consumption ability, people's consumption patterns also follow the change. Brush calorie of consumption gradually become one of the consumption patterns of young consumers, so the portable pregnant yun inductor. One more stand out with silicone buttons inductor, widely in different fields such as hotels, hospitals, the canteen. After investigation and analysis, this device silicone buttons can be widely used for the following reasons: from the aspects of environmental protection: with this device is to use the silicone material of environmental protection silicone buttons non-toxic, tasteless and harmless. This is in line with the contemporary harmless to green living environment of the pursuit, is recognised by the silicone products manufacturer. Silicone key factory which good: a second stone, what is a laser carving silicone buttons: radium vulture keys actually is to use a laser carving craft processing production of key products, it belongs to one kind of product classification of silicone buttons, mainly adopts the principle of laser surface treatment the keys of a process, the laser carving technology is used to make key products, commonly used in mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, remote control, the keys on the keyboard light products, use laser carving technology of key will make products more beautiful and natural. Key service life and good effect: before the silica gel products has not yet come out, a number of key products are plastic cap as button at the top, the more hard feel is not very good second plastic cap and base adhesive is not strong or too loose, the product is the card key, off key, the product will not play such factors as expected you oneself also encountered this kind of phenomenon, the main reason is because with plastic buttons or plastic shell adhesive and close degree yes! Stone line of custom silicone buttons telephone: 1, plastic key cap and silicone liner key using a special glue stick together, there will be a falls off phenomenon. This generally has two kinds of circumstances, it is: less glue point: the second is: silica gel lining on the key treatment no brush in place. 2, plastic key cap and silicone liner key assembly offset, appear this phenomenon may be: (1), assembly fixture is out of order, (2), plastic keys put backwards, slanting. 3, plastic keys with Nick, the cases are: one, the plastic key cap injection when there is a scratch; Second, when cutting scratch; Three, assembly fixture with impurity particles, eventually plastic keys scratch; Four buttons, plastic packaging when put bad, between products and the products caused by rubbing against each other.
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