Straw and stainless steel kettle to bring water to drink out of health

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-27
Many people will go out with the kettle with water, environmental protection and economy. But this is healthy? What kind of kettle to compare health? Professional institutions, when conducting a test, the test of a professional athletes use 12 a kettle, kettle looks the same, the difference is that the lid is different, screw cap, sliding cover, extrusion cover and straw cover four. Each bottle is athletes of continuous use for a week and not cleaned. Test results show that the sliding cover more than the total number of colonies, 900000 per square centimeter. Squeeze the cap on the total number of colonies and screw cap on almost, respectively is 16 per square centimeter. 20000 and 160000. Someone said: 'from the water in the bottle it is better to eat with your pet's bowl. 'Through a straw cover kettle will be much better. Test results showed that straw cover the number of colonies only 25 per square centimeter, 'perhaps because water will drip down from straw, rather than stay there cause'. So suggest people choose to take a straw stainless steel kettle, plastic kettle. Remember to choose less seams, no clean corner of the kettle, so that the large extent away. In addition, after each use and timely cleaning the kettle.
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