Straw handmade beautiful flowers

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-25
This manual straws is very exquisite, a couple of small straw is made into beautiful flowers, very attractive? Now's the time to gather up all saw the straw, the summer season of beverage consumption, it should be easy ~ prepared materials and tools to be able to follow the following diagram to DIY made together! Difficulty: the primary tools/raw material, A4 paper and scissors knife step method 1, take a straw, cut into shape in the picture below. 2, in the good side of the straw with double-sided adhesive. 3, chrysanthemum flower with medicinal cotton swabs ( With bamboo sticks) The cotton and pure color with respect to OK. You take the post of double-sided adhesive straw along the swab entanglement. 4, take a piece of green cloth, cut into the receptacle, stick at the bottom of the flower, a miniature chrysanthemum is completed. 5, make a a decade or two, and then together into the glass, color is very beautiful! Straw not only can be made into beautiful handmade, and many other effects, dongguan jiahao honey plastic straws professional manufacturers, production better straws, welcome new and old customers coming!
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