Straw homemade watering the flowers

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-03
The Spring Festival is coming soon, everyone will go out and have some fun during the holiday or visiting relatives and friends, but the house plants? No one watering, come back later if will die. Now, some netizens said using plastic bottles and straws can automatic watering the flowers, is true or false? Dongguan east yi food co. , LTD. Today we tell you the answer. First, we need props: plastic bottles, straws, two scissors, clay, water box, next, near the bottom of the position need in plastic, the two holes. The size of the hole as long as can let the straw can be inserted. The straw with clay block between holes and cracks. Just put them together, and the sealing is good, or direct water flowing from these gaps. Put out of the bottle pipe bend down, the straw than the short straw, straw under the spare parts to lose. So the whole automatic watering device is completed. Next, water experiments. Prepare a container, a scale to simulate the flowerpot below the water tray. And then will be watering the flowers in the container is filled with the color of water, so that we can clearly see the status of the change of water in the container. Then put the watering the flowers container pallet, let two straw into the containers. When the lab assistant will water the flowers upside down, you can see, long straw farther out water, and no short straw, then look at the plastic bottle constantly have air bubbles, should be in gas from the short straw, the inside of the long straw water flows downward. And the following containers, the water is rising fast. When the water just give flooded when the short straw, water suddenly stopped. Next, the assistant will be below the water in the container to absorb part of simulation the water absorbed by plants or natural evaporation, will appear. After water is suck, the water drop to a certain degree, reveal the short straw, plastic bottle bubbled again, long straw water flow down again, the water began to rise gradually in the container. Looks like as long as there is less water, the water below the air inlet pipe, the water in the plastic bottles will be automatic filling water. When the water after the location of the inlet pipe, filling water stops. The watering the flowers is really can do automatic watering the flowers. As long as less water will their hydrating and without unlimited hydrating. Is this why? Observe the whole plastic bottles, besides two outlet pipe elsewhere are closed, this is actually a deformation of the siphon. As a result of the siphon principle, the water will be from low level which is at the end of the long straw that flowed, this time the air bottle pressure is reduced, and the short straw under the action of the liquid level in the atmosphere rise, the external air will continuously from the short straw into the plastic bottle, this process is continuously circulation, watering device can continuously from the water until long straw container liquid level rise to drown the short straw, watering the flowers is not complement of air inside the air pressure is reduced, the water the flowers, the water no longer. And when the water fall again to show the short straw, because there is air into the water the flowers, so the water the flowers will continue to go out the water, like watering the flowers will automatically repeat the process. Making props and method of the automatic watering the flowers is very simple, to the lunar New Year holiday soon, if you need to go out for a long time, and worry that can't take care of their plants, might as well move to hurriedly homemade an automatic watering the flowers! Only need a straw and plastic bottles
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