Straw how clean

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-06
A lot of people are in doubt whether the tea with milk of a pack of a pack of straw a clean? So today we dongguan east yi food co. , LTD. He said for this problem. In the milk tea straw on the outer packing should be printed with name, hygiene license, etc. , only the printing market access logo 'QS' food quality and safety of straw can be sold on the market. But now in the market circulation of a lot of quality is not qualified for the color plastic straws. We see most of the straw urban colorful, according to the provisions of the international standard disposable plastic straw color belongs to the food related products, production enterprises must get food related products production license issued by the quality supervision department. Maybe we often use is unqualified straws, can you make sure you use a straw one hundred percent free from contamination? Believe that even the experts also dare not speak words of so arrogant. We see the straws are generally used in the raw material for polypropylene pellet. This kind of material is usually transparent colorless solid, odorless drug-free. However, many current in the production of colored plastic straw manufacturers in order to save costs, using industrial-grade polyethylene or waste plastic. If the long-term use of this kind of inferior straw, may affect the liver, blood disease or neurological diseases. If children use for a long time, or adverse effects on mental development. Straw is a cylindrical, hollow plastic products, its main function is used to drinking a cup drink, also have to take some cooking good animals long bone marrow. Here is milk tea straw washing method: to check the straw fluently before washing and drainage mouth, must be intact. Straw generally first rinse with tap water, and then use chromic acid washing lotion, lotion to be full of the whole pipe, straw park 1 ~ 2 min, lotion bottle back into the original. Use lotion after wash and drain lotion, washing adequately with tap water, washed with distilled water three times again. Wash good milk tea straw must reach the bottom of the inner and the outer wall does not hang water, put it in a clean straw on the shelf. Suction clean processing, is an important step, the method to recognize.
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