Straw in addition to drink, what other useful

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-23
Do you think a straw is used to drink? Today, the teacher brought a straw and the students made a vivid activity, come and look at activity! Import activity process, straw, triggering curiosity. T: today, I brought something to the children. Yi? You see what it is? ( Straw) Do you know that straw can be used to do? ( Children free speech) Straw not only can drink water, clip art can also be used to do? Second, observation to discuss the characteristics of straw guide children understand the straw can be stretched, can be bent, can according to your design needs to be cut. Third, children 1 independent creation. Children's independent creative teacher: teacher to discuss and explore straw clip method do you think the teacher can spell what design of straw. You think about it. ( The sun, rainbows, house. 。 。 。 。 ) So many want to spell it? That came up I asked a friend try to say. The children above collage. You look closely, think about what you want to spell. Explore the straws soft part can do the rainbow. Next teacher let children consider themselves need to design work. Four, the teacher introduces materials, children's operation, and timely help. ( Playing music) 1, the children their own design. ( When teachers in guiding children's painting) 2, when children are operating encourage young children with a variety of methods to try. And watch the picture. 3, encourage children to make a complete picture. Five, appreciation and evaluation of 1, children show their own work, and work content. 2, the teacher guide children appreciating the work of other children. Praise and encourage active exploration of children. Six, view the activity, the effect of straw to the next level, we expressed the prospect are full of confidence to the company.
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