Straw manufacturer to tell you what drink straw is good

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-07
Straw manufacturer to tell you what drink straw is good when many people drink like drinking through a straw, some straw look colorful, but have to use a peculiar smell, try not to choose to use such a straw, exist in most of the health and safety hazards. Plastic pipe used for smoking drink should be tasteless, if smell that straw added the unqualified material. So, the color of the straw more bright beautiful, the greater the security hidden danger of straw. If in this pipe hot drinks, the harmful material in straw will dissolve, then it is easy to cause harm to liver, kidney. Consumers should use less as far as possible one-time straw, if buy a straw, try to choose a 'QS' logo, transparent and independent packing straw. In addition, the best clean bottle after bottle caps unscrewed drinking again. Drinking bottled drinks, best clean drinking again after open the bottle cap, because cap protective in thread is not strong, if dust or bacteria into, will damage to the bottle mouth, mouth directly drinkable, easily infected with bacteria. If the condition allows, bottled drinks poured out as far as possible to drink, or use a paper towel to wipe disinfection method, if there are signs of mildew found open bottle caps, try not to drink.
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