Straw manufacturers: straw with plastic as raw materials

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-09
Straw manufacturers: straw with plastic as raw materials straw and plastic straw, one-time pap, straw, etc. , is used for absorbing reagent disposable plastic transfer tools, it its plastic as raw materials. Straws are more widely application in the process of test, but a lot of people is not very understanding, knowledge about its will come here for you to make a brief introduction: mainly using the principle of the atmospheric pressure, when using, people to the straw to siphon off some of the air, the pressure will cause tube size, and in order to balance the air pressure, atmospheric pressure will force liquid will rise. In stop inspiratory tube of liquid drops, returned to the pressure balance. This is the wonderful principle and application of straw. After the inspection of food grade raw material of polypropylene by electric heating, temperature rising up to the process requirements, through the die extrusion molding, extrusion molding after product cooling through the cooling water tank, and according to the product standard check qualified product extrusion molding, after cooling, according to product standards and customer requirements, the product of cutting, after cutting the length of the inspection, whether reach the standard and qualified products, or customers, after cutting the product through extrusion molding machine, extrusion molding, after inspection, if qualified, ozone disinfection products after molding, products shrink-wrapped after disinfection, inspection, if qualified, shrink-wrapped products after manual packing. Straw in a sealed plastic bag, children tend to borrow when you pick up the straw straws pointed to Pierce the plastic, can take out. Here is worth reminding parents pay attention to the children out of straw and plastic toughness is very big, when take straws have been pull down a small piece of plastic film adsorption on the pipette tip, whether there is a bottle of foil is a straw into the yogurt, plastic film and foil may also enter the respiratory tract, the weak, suffering from respiratory diseases of children is easy to cause illness, and difficult to detect the cause, please note when buying yogurt, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
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