Straw 'trachea', save the little life

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-06
My living room has a big fish tank, which has more than 20 red tropical fish, very beautiful. One morning, I wake up and ran to the front of the tank to feed the fish, but was surprised to find that there are two small fish have belly toward the buoyancy at the surface, unfortunately, 'sacrifice', and other fish also appears listlessly, also from time to time to float to the surface. Looked at me up and down the along while, found that is connected to the pump hoses are cracked, air send less than fish tank. Case, the two small fish must die because of lack of oxygen! How to do? Along the way, there will be more fish dead! I was straight through, to make a phone call to ask my father to do, but dad said he doesn't have time, let me think it over. I thought for a while, from the drawer to find out a roll of transparent tape, wrapped hose crack place with duct tape. But I tried twice, and found that the effect is not very good, wrapped tight gas impassability, wrapped loose will leak. Do how? I was in the room, accidentally see stuck in the milk bottle straws, a brainwave, right! Try this! I find a clean pipette, the cracking of hoses are cut in the middle, and then set at the two ends of the pipe, respectively, ha ha, size is right! Get plugged in, the fish tank up with streams of bubbles, driving the small car toy rapid rotation, the little fish swim happily in the up, too. A: wow! That's great! Unexpectedly, a small straw, key also can help!
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