Tableware disinfection of food security vulnerabilities to reinforcement

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-04
Have a visitor, to hotels, restaurants, please eat a meal, welcome reception, is the habit of people to choose. But now to restaurant for dinner, even places on the star in the industry, people will see an interesting scene: the bubble tea, a lot of times, the first not throat thirst, but took advantage of the water temperature is high, the need to pay before disinfection tableware brush wash it again. Tea should be used to quench thirst, is used for flushing should trust of tableware, said funny also, said strange or become ubiquitous fact anyway. The changsha evening news reported yesterday that a configuration only washing daily production conditions of 8000 sets of tableware disinfection companies, open for more than a year, instead of eia is not through the acceptance of environmental protection, is also expanding the scale of production. According to the enterprise legal representative said, at present the company's daily clean tableware, 20000 to more than 30000 sets. Don't need to say other, just think it's not hard to understand, so 'small mara carts' the production configuration, consumers can get in the hands of the so-called disinfection tableware rest assured? Not greasy will still have? Consumers don't take tea to flush at the dinner table, but also how to do? Can say that this is the consumer being exquisite, noble? Security guard table, over the years, from central to local levels, various departments at all levels are working to, people to see. From the legislative level, the 'history's most severe food security law' effect; From around the special law enforcement and administrative as, there is no lack of more commendable, for example, the long-awaited agricultural product traceability system, is gradually establish and perfect. Sadly, however, is a phenomenon, in the security defense, table security 'the last kilometer' didn't seem to get through, let many early efforts were in vain. This is 'the last kilometer' tableware disinfection, from the perspective of the many examples of media exposure, is a mess. At first glance, it seems that it doesn't make much difference whether tableware and food safety, but the science tell people: common hepatitis, dysentery, intestinal infectious diseases such as 70% is caused by unclean tableware and unhealthy food; Hepatitis b virus can survive in temperatures of up to 120 ℃, regular disinfection was ineffective; The remaining oil and detergent great harm to human body. Also is so, experts say, 'disposable tableware disinfection has become one of the biggest potential risk factors of current food safety'. No denying that in securing the table on the 'last one kilometer', our regulators for this or that kind of reason that cannot be ignored the problem. Daniel the reality, it is not difficult to see, on the one hand, large and small catering enterprises or to comply with the relevant provisions of, or in order to save the cost of dish washing dishes, has join special tableware disinfection; Situation is on the other hand, tableware disinfection of the industry's low barriers to entry, management is lax, and most of the time, some regulators also in each sing each tone, such as business, such as health, such as environmental protection. Therefore, reported in the present situation, some tableware disinfection companies even by relevant regulatory authorities issued a rectification notice, rectification for more than a year, however, the eia still not up to standard, and continue to production. To this, people will evaluate, not lax law enforcement, is the administration as poor. In some ways it is. In the face of problems, we need to come up with a solution. After all, a professional tableware disinfection has walk into food and beverage market, expected not to put it out of the market, but how to regulate the industry, not let the disorderly development. Obviously, this is responsibility in the various regulators, hard measures strictly according to the laws and regulations, solid solution, and form a resultant force to tackle. In the face of tableware disinfection companies that violate the rules, resolute can't relent, the heavy fines to heavy penalties, the holiday to stop business operations for rectification, hair must be closely to oversee the rectification notice, make its not dozen careless eye.
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