Teach you a few action quickly identify a straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-01
This is for the convenience of using straw health, now has become a new 'safety'. Recently, qualitative inspect branch of jiangsu province to hundreds of plastic straw 'census' found that about thirty percent of the straw is unqualified, half straw be detected heavy metal exceeds bid and disabled azo dye, long-term use of the straw could harm human body neurons and bones, even at the risk of cancer. How to identify the 'harmful' straw? 'Life times' interview, tianjin drug research institute associate researcher Li Hongzhu answer for you. 'The' problem of the tested straw are colored straws, colorful straws could be healthy 'vampire'. Tianjin medicine research institute associate researcher Li Hongzhu told 'life times' reporter: 'the color straw contains more than colorless transparent straw synthetic dyes, colored dyes will contain a large number of toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and diazo, these elements can cause for low immunity. 'Li Hongzhu introduction, inferior straw in composition is unknown, some undesirable businessman and even the use of recycled raw materials, if incomplete sterilization will cause serious damage to the liver, kidney, serious can affect the nervous system and children's mental development. Straw as a packaging tool, as a result of polypropylene non-toxic, and can bear the high temperature of 100 degrees, the regulations of the state, can only be used for straw polypropylene. However, some businesses use inferior low polyethylene, even the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other industrial raw materials. These materials heat resistance is poor, in more than 60 degrees hot water will become soft, release the poisonous and harmful ingredients. In addition, when the straw into liquid acid liquid such as fruit juice, carbonated drinks, straw color dye can dissolve in drinks. Some 'cartoon straw' and 'fun straw' contains the chemical material such as plasticizer, fluorescent agent, has become a potential carcinogenic factors. In daily life, we will use straws, Li Hongzhu advice, when choosing a straw to choose '' a see two smell three. A look at try to choose transparent colorless straws, red etc will be a lot of colorful straws add dye. Also, aim the suction light see if wall even without impurities, have impurities may be using inferior plastic. Two strong smell smell whether there is a plastic, if the plastic is very big, may be vigilant straw joined the polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or made of recycled plastics. The three selected choose the straw with QS logo on the package. The inner packing should be clearly marked, straw products such as product batch number, material, specifications, production date and address, etc. Consumers should try to large supermarkets and legitimate business purchase straws, avoid the use of roadside stands, and liquor stores provide a straw. In use, also should avoid to hot drinks, such as carbonated drinks, milk, soybean milk, used together.
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