Teach you how to choose safe and non-toxic plastic straws

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-18
Morning cup of steaming hot soya-bean milk, often without a disposable plastic straw, which is most of the students and office workers need to be in the morning, but most people ignore the quality of the disposable plastic straws. S, prevails in the '3 without' product, it is very important how to choose the safety of the product. International food packaging association secretary-general, said the recent findings on the market of '3 without' plastic straw production of raw materials for many USES is industrial-grade polyethylene ( PE) Or waste plastics. To cover up the extent of straw noise, illegal businessmen will give a straw dyeing, usually contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium in the pigment, the viscera may cause harm, long-term use can lead to blood disease or neurological disease, especially for young children's healthy growth and intellectual development have a serious impact. For consumers, therefore, to understand a straw, learn the straw selection method is very important. Straw polypropylene and PVC. PP: it is written in the composition of PP, PP is safe, can resistance to high temperature. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) : some inferior straw materials used for PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat aging sex difference, much used in industry, but do not meet the food materials. Expert proposal, choose habits should follow the following steps: 1. Before using habits must smell smell, do you have a pungent odor, if any, must be '3 without' straws, long-term use of such a straw will cause serious damage to health; 2. See, first look at the color of the habit, though not all colorful straws are harmful, but harmful to the straws are colorful, the straw as far as possible not to buy, color is very deep. Second, the packaging manufacturer, date, safety sign ( QS) Such as identification. 3. Knead, generally inferior straw less elastic, if a pinch not easy rebound is crisp, even such a straw must be using inferior material, must not buy such a straw. Above is selected straw yes physical method, for yourself and your family's health, do not buy inferior plastic straw, responsible for one's own body starts from now! Start from the self!
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