Television remote control - silicone buttons Custom TV remote phone silicone button manufacturer

by:Smily Mia     2021-09-17
Television remote control - silicone buttons Custom TV remote control silicone buttons manufacturers phone what kind of process to produce the backlit silicone keypad is what kind of silicone raw materials do not add any pigment and molding silicone buttons, it is a kind of transparent color silicone buttons, have certain pervious to light quality. The second is to spray and radium vulture combination of the two process, make the characters of the silicone buttons have can emit light from inside to outside conditions, only if the keys themselves rubber colour shoulds not be too deep. TV remote control TV remote custom silicone buttons: silicone buttons for some faithful handheld game players, a good controller is vital, and the controller of the silicone buttons elastic condition influence the game experience, one of the silicone buttons feel good silicone built-in buttons for game operation can make you more convenient, sensitive and rapid experience. Main controller buttons for P + R buttons, P + R key is also made from plastic and silicone rubber, plastic material is relatively tough, silicone rubber is relatively soft, good touch feeling, P + R buttons was used in the controller of motorcycling, perfect. TV remote control manufacturer: silicone buttons scraper painting process and screen printing process of silicone buttons, laser carving process in process effect is similar to, are on the surface of silica gel key-press printed characters and patterns, but most of the silicone products manufacturer in the production of silicone buttons is less by scraper painting process in the process, because the production of scraper painting process efficiency is lower, the difficulty of the operation is very high, is not conducive to the silicone products manufacturer to increase production capacity, and not very professional personnel and equipment is difficult to control the scraper painting process, scraper painting process input costs are also compared with the laser carving process, screen printing process is much higher, so a lot of silica gel products manufacturers are using injection, laser carving, glue, printing the craft, and scraper painting process is not to do the second, flexible use of marketing means, Internet marketing is not a simple send a post, get a stunt, play a video, at present there are answers marketing method to promote more active marketing, the marketing, B2B industry. Use accurate silicone buttons, silicone products, remote control button, p + r keys such as keywords to introduce the website traffic. Q&a marketing good ponder the question to the third party position, this will cause the resonance of the readers. Completes the B2B industry marketing skill lies in: (1) for keywords, keyword is the core of customer group search, both to do capacity is much, also want to be accurate. (2) get the time to release information, to understand the site updated ranking of time, at the same time also want to consider a special audience, such as foreign customer group. (3) reflect professional degrees, and the late both production technology and customer service tracking, customer groups to pass credibility, such as the industry qualification certificate, the patents obtained, such as the history of the enterprise through the website display, won the trust of the customers value. TV remote control factory silicone buttons telephone: small make up today's time to go to painting workshop for video shooting, found that the weight measuring instrument is P + R buttons for injection process, small make up met the needs of most products are silicone buttons of injection process, and the P + R buttons are to be of injection. Ask colleagues just know, this product is exported to Japan, as you all know, Japan is a country is very strict with product quality, especially their developed electronic industry, and we produce this kind of P + R buttons also happens to be used in Japan for some top grade weight measuring instrument, so the customer also to weight measuring instrument feel is put forward the technical requirements of P + R buttons - — Spray UV oil. Such as conductive silicon slice, jiahao honey do nickel carbon conductive silicone, from the beginning, to now do aluminum silver, nickel, copper and so on are accumulated certain experience, we from production to supply now several customers, and have not received any customer complaints, it is not just about our production ability, more can reflect our sense of responsibility to the customer!
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