The advantage of green paper cup

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-06
A one-off environmental protection paper cup have what advantage? And small below discuss together! 1. Disposable paper cup is biodegradable, accord with the requirement of green environmental protection. And easy to use, health, refused to transmission of the disease. 2. In line with national standards, non-toxic, sterile paper container is the world's latest 'in paper generation model' to eliminate white pollution green alternative. 3. Can effectively prevent the illness of the spread of infectious diseases, to protect the health of human body. Product advantages of 1. Paper cup price inexpensive beautiful, generous. Has the plasticity, can be printed on all sorts of design, trademarks, text. 2. The paper cup size can produce according to the requirement. * 3. Paper cups is 'can one multi-purpose', the biggest advantage of the smart companies, institutions not only used for drinking water, also used for advertising, propaganda enterprise culture, sets up the enterprise image. * 4. Paper cup the best propaganda way: the enterprises or real estate, tourist area of the best landscape picture printed on paper cups, then through our network of sales to each big market to enter homes, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity! ( This is my factory pioneered service content) Its effect is very significant: dongguan environmental protection paper cup, both can be used for drinking water, can improve enterprise well-knownness, kill two birds with one stone. Second, the advertising time is long, generally to entertain or meeting, time in more than 30 minutes; High three, meeting frequency, 365 days, every day use, permanent type of propaganda effect; Four broad and level, to meet different levels of people; Promotion, trade fairs, meeting negotiation, demonstration, promotion, try drinking, etc. 。 。 。 。 。 Five, less investment, an unlimited number of specified according to the actual need, compared with other media or print leaflet, prices are dominant.
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