The appearance and kinds of tableware

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-03
Tableware is gradually developed. Etiquette activities for use in a glass, like a spoon, came in quite early. The Chinese use chopsticks as early as BC. But fork in Britain appear just three or four centuries ago. When fork just introduced to the UK, who was opposed by the missionaries. They think that meat and other foods are god gift to mankind, avoid contact with finger food, is arrogant and insult to god. Queen Elizabeth I was dining with his fingers, but it is - Very strict set of rules. According to Ken sitar records, food 'should use three fingers picked up', 'bj or on clothes wearing greasy fingers is indecent behavior'. Tableware with material points of ceramic tableware, glass tableware, plastic tableware, melamine tableware, stainless steel tableware, carpentry cutlery, composite tableware. With feature points can be divided into ordinary tableware tableware and antibacterial. Antibacterial material added antimicrobial, tableware tableware is itself can take advantage of the silver and copper ions and nano silver kill the germs. Don't need to use disinfection disinfection tableware cupboard. Below about silicone tableware, silicone tableware, the main advantage is non-toxic tasteless, high temperature resistance. All these have as a condition of tableware is very good. Edible gum, which is beneficial to people's health.
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