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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-02
Words began a few years ago, smart tablet computer is popular on the market, becomes the electronic consumers once, until today's smart phones have belongs to hand the machine, tablet three people a proportion of the market, however, no matter in any consumption and the height of the brand, consumers are willing to, so also once let a lot of friends in this thing should struggle with how to bring a case, as a protective effect. 'Head' of the current social phenomenon has become the most talked-about words, no matter mobile phone or tablet is welded, the eye from screen, people in the machine in the idea, so for the case of protection natural is also very important, most of them are willing to buy a silica gel protective sleeve, and also won't care about the price. Perhaps some friends not too love silicone material, on the other material has a better appetite, but as a personal advice, if the cases are just for decoration, it will be meaningless. So no matter whether it is good or bad, let's talk about the advantages of the silica gel protective sleeve! Advantage: you may have seen today's smart phones and tablets, it is a thin! Margin is more and more narrow, so it also means that you don't give a condom, the safety factor of the product is, the greater the natural considering this problem, the silicone material is more soft, can drop the buffer, reduce the hurt, so optimization considering silicone material officially this reason! Advantage 2: silica gel material belongs to the environmental protection material, at the current technology has been able to through various tests, and to achieve the effect of medical level, so the silicone cases will not only have advantages in flexibility, from environmental protection also do very well in this piece. Three advantages: any shape and color can be customized, silica gel protective sleeve manufacturers processing production process decide its shape to look like, so general silicone products manufacturer in the production process of the mould structure and colour of good later can achieve what you want to color and LOGO, etc. , convenient and quick, the effect is pretty good oh! Then again, 'ah! Your mobile phone or a tablet with you without a condom son? 'Dongguan silicone products manufacturer - Jiahao honey jas ( http://www。 smilymia。 com/)
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