The birth of paper cups

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-05
Paper cups as part of our life, how exactly is made of? Hugh Moore was born in Kansas, to before entered harvard in 1907, he was still a invention has nothing to do with the ordinary students. And in the end he could invent paper cups, inventor is because he has a brother. Hugh just entered college, Moore is one year older than his brother Lawrence after the invention of pure water vending machines, fame. But the invention of the elder brother, there were some problems, pure water vending machines used in the ceramic cup fragile is precisely the problem. To this end, a heartbreaker brother. At first, for creative and selling this kind of vending machines, gradually popular, so that no one WenJin finally. Look increasingly depressed because of this brother, Hugh Moore naturally thought to help brother to solve the problem. 'If the disadvantage of ceramic cup is fragile, so use no broken glass can not solve the problem? ……”。 This method is simple. However, this is just want to easy, it's not easy to put the idea into reality research process. 'No broken things have what? The paper, by the way, is the paper. Wish I could make out of paper cups. '. 'But paper soaked in water, also will be broken. Shred the paper, how to make it not broken? 'Finally, he finally succeeded in finding the difficult paper wetted by water. Hugh Moore after invented not wetted by water paper cups left the university. Brother invented by pure water vending machine set in each place, again in the vending machine ceramic cup also changed his invention of paper cups. Hugh Moore invented paper cups of convenient, safe, officially launched the sales. For the average person, the image of the paper is health cup begins to be realized. At first only the few consumers to buy paper cup, full of curiosity gradually expand its XiaoFeiCeng. At that moment, god is willing to help you, Hugh Moore ushered in the great pleasant surprise. In the folk care institute focusing on research published related research results, Dr Karen Penn again proved that Hugh Moore's paper cup is a great invention. Stressed that the study will be, the only way to save humanity from the virus, that is the use of disposable paper cups. Later, paper cups received great praise, get the favour of people.
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