The difference between the silicone products and rubber products Industry information

by:Smily Mia     2021-08-03
From the material, the silica gel is a kind of rubber, generally can also be called pixels, so often referred to as 'silicone rubber products, silicone products and rubber products still have difference, usage is different also. In process, machining process equipment is basically similar. Two kinds of material characteristics, rubber is a one-component room temperature curing liquid glue. Once exposed to the air, the silane monomer condensation occur, which form a network structure, system of crosslinking, not melting and dissolving, elastic, state into rubber, adhesive objects at the same time. The thermal conductivity was a little higher than general rubber, once cured, it is difficult to separate the object of glue. The silicone high elastic polymer compounds. Including the unvulcanized and has the variety of sulfide. From the structure, can be divided into two categories, natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber latex which rubber plant from the finishing. Synthetic rubber was prepared by monomer polymerization or polycondensation. Unvulcanized rubber commonly known as raw rubber or rubber. Has been vulcanized rubber as the vulcanized rubber, commonly known as vulcanized rubber or rubber. So a lot of finished product is also called the rubber bands, which are widely used in the manufacture of tires, rubber hose, adhesive tape, insulation materials, rubber shoes, and other rubber products, etc. Silicone bib pocket is mainly made by the advanced silica gel, feel is relatively soft, stretch force is strong, strong tensile force, so and very durable. Organic silica gel, silica gel, also known as the main fully is silicone, performance characteristics mainly for organic silicone products is the basic structural unit of the silicon - - - - Oxygen link of side chain is through the silicon atoms connected to a variety of other organic groups. Therefore, in the structure of the organic silicon products contains both & quot; Organic groups & quot; And contain & quot; Inorganic structure & quot; Composition and molecular structure, the special make it combines the characteristics of organic matter and inorganic matter of functions in one. Low surface tension and low surface energy follow-up we will detail different materials produce different products effects, according to the product's performance and the influence of the change of material products and the environment.
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