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by:Smily Mia     2021-01-03
Gourd said silicone buttons now silicone buttons need key, color, good appearance, more practical, more small volume to have the market, especially in remote control buttons, a button there are dozens of key products, and basic it is a different color, so for our silicone buttons manufacturers in the production process is more complicated, especially molding, printing link is not so simple, the production efficiency is not high, defective rate will be higher, defective rate is mainly embodied in the prone to the problem of mixed color. Gourd called silicone buttons gourd custom silicone buttons: production technology of single point buttons: will be a single point for mould computer: the keypress mold to find ( Without the development of new mould) , clean up the mould fixed on the vulcanization machine after heating. Preparation: calculated according to the single point of key production needed raw materials, and with good raw materials according to the requirement of the work instruction of hardness and color, and cut into a single point of the specifications of the key press molding. Vulcanization molding: adjust the relevant parameters of vulcanizing machine, then put the raw materials according to the specified location on the mould of lower die, and then boot vulcanizing machine can finish the whole curing action, single point buttons are basic shape. Rushed down the edge: after vulcanization molding needs to be a single point of key product from the mold of the silicone products, can choose the way or cutting ways. Gourd said silicone buttons manufacturers: many customers do not want to own an acrylic remote control buttons in several factories for processing, because this kind of situation can't guarantee every day fixed capacity, will also and the quality of your goods is very let a person worry, at home, can open mold production for plastic and silicone mold production and has many kinds of processing technology of manufacturer is few and far between. This kind of situation, lead to customers when selecting a supplier requires careful investigation, in the production of acrylic remote control buttons to minimize outward processing. The more involved in the production processing factory, the product price is high and product quality can't guarantee it is beyond doubt. Gourd said factory silicone buttons telephone: nearly a dongguan tanker manufacturer is very urgent to contact jiahao honey, our business manager li received customer Chen Gong Chen Gong simple li manager with us that they want to buy is built-in silicone buttons on tankers, can directly ask us not to do, if can do, can you pay the samples in five days? Our manager li feel strange, such a simple silicone buttons should be well production, don't understand why all the hustle of the cargo client? Original customer Chen Gong looked for many manufacturers, silicone buttons is handed over to manufacturers also use in the inside of the tanker silicone keys, many manufacturers have handed over the samples. But failed to reach them installed in tankers built-in standard of silicone buttons! Our sales manager immediately understand the needs of customers.
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