The importance of silica gel sets of aluminum alloy solid state drives

by:Smily Mia     2020-11-24
The importance of silica gel set for aluminum alloy SSD, solid mobile disk, universalization has suffered from numerous data information of a warm welcome. Following the end of July 2020 ORICO built-in SSD solid-state disk released a series of products, and in September announced a series of external SSD solid state disk, the release of three external SSD solid plate, and the usual shadow moving is not the same as the computer's hard drive, chose aluminum + silica gel set of materials, two-way body armor, in antifouling, anti-throw and moistureproof splash level has a lot of ascension. The specifications for ORICOSV100 hard disk size is 124 * 60 * 16 mm, net weight about 132 g, belongs to a portable articles for daily use. On the hard disk box also built-in mobile phone charging line ( 类型, CTOType - C) Receive arrange, casually complete plug and play. The solid state disk 128 gb, 258 gb and 512 gb, four kinds of volume 1 TB, from cost reduction aspect to consider, I hand a 128 gb, after it was found that 258 gb is more suitable for some. Apply UASP + TRIM agreement, on the version number into high speed and high speed version, which is embedded NGFF and Nvme two kinds of different specifications of solid-state disk, each match the dragon - fast A series of products SN100 and fast - dragon A series of products SV1002 specifications. Different specifications, ability to read and write speed also have different difference. On the main control chip plan, supplement the USB3. - 2 gben2类型 C output pins, to fit a variety of digital products expand the backup data, application is the packaging 64 layer three dNAND flash memory chips, storage feature is relatively stable. Hard disk box standard two lines, one for the card tank type solutions from 20 cmtype - receive arrange CTOType - C socket data information of coaxial cable, line from disc, not easily lost; In addition a Type - is 20 cm CTOA coaxial cable socket data information, not to be able to join pin machine equipment. The bottom is a Type of silicone rubber - C jack dustproof plug, can also be moistureproof. In the whole process of application, if more than ten minutes of time are still numerous according to transmission, intelligent will be completed in a dormant state, to the computer's hard drive desuperheating,, in turn, could do to increase your computer's hard drive, the computer hard disk also presented the three years warranty period, such as after-sales maintenance services. In order to completely give full play to the characteristics of the computer's hard drive, main box of socket is also very important, my application is titanium P120 the main box. The main box to choose the buckle fixed method, and the main box only hook, light according to the main box can be turned down from the side open, relatively strong in its construction. Internal water-cooled 360 suitable double, you can also apply the seven 12 cm or 5 to 14 cm cooling fans, according to the RGB cooling fan to manufacture some lighting, in addition to heat removal is also have a lot of benefits. Titanium grams of main box P120 Ann is relatively large, is also relatively heavy, about 10 net. 4 kg, the specification is 476 * 234 * 485 mm, under the condition of the application, its heat removal effect is more better. Front side and chose the structure of the tempered laminated glass, the more the electronic athletic main box design style. Except for the game itself can produce two 3. 5 inches and two 2. 5 inches computer hard drive, can also be more applications of solid-state disk. The tower are 45 cm chassis can apply discrete graphics, the graphics card position underneath type, can be near to the inlet port directly, to improve the application of heat removal. Opposite of this computer's hard drive the main parameters. Use data to test the SV100 specific features. Each application Anvil & # 39; SStorageUtilities, ASSSDBenchmark, TxBENCH to conduct inspection. The mobile phone software that can detect the SSD bigger constantly, speaking, reading and writing, Anvil & # 39; SStorageUtilities is able to detect QD4, deep QD16 sequence under arbitrary 4 k hd literacy rate, ASSSDBenchmark can detect the SSD under deep QD64 sequences of arbitrary 4 k hd literacy rate, TxBENCH can detect the SSD under deep QD32 sequences of arbitrary 4 k hd literacy rate, generally speaking, the application of the three mobile phone software can be on the basis of SSD technology parameters have a rough grasp. Because basically all TLCSSD chose SLCCache technical, at present stage 2 GBB fluctuation of test data, in fact, all internal tests in SLCCache interior space, so the default Settings of the three kind of mobile phone software data test only to SSD under light load characteristics of the main performance, can't reflect a SSD under heavy load the specific comprehensive ability, thus must be merged other mobile phone software as a result, can be more objective analysis of its overall features. Look from the test results, the outdoor use flash disk, moisture-proof, earthquake, anti-fouling, in specific applications can also give full play to its features, the importance of silica gel set for aluminum alloy SSD, for outside customers, is a good choose.
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