The importance of vulcanizing agent on the silica gel products production and processing do you understand

by:Smily Mia     2021-01-11
Synthetic silicone rubber silicone raw materials without various catalysts and silica dioxide conciliation, same semi-finished raw materials in the process of machining molding vulcanized silicone products without all kinds of color rubber, vulcanizing agent accessories to add, the different types of vulcanizing agent and desirable to different functions, and the role of vulcanizing agent in the silicone products is very important a accessories, with good vulcanizing agent of international famous brands are likely to appear this kind of product, with the bad, there will be a big problem! Ordinary transparent type vulcanizing agent as a kind of environmental protection, for ordinary molded silicone products production of sulfide, the main features is transparent, his general, common, in the absence of special requirements can choose this kind of silica gel products mostly performance vulcanizing agent, mainly used for industrial parts, electronic silica gel parts, silicone seal of majority, belongs to the national standard level model products! Food-grade vulcanizing agent of environmental protection is a common tasteless sex efficient environmental protection products, mainly used in manufacturing of silicone rubber molding die contact with human skin category, such as children's toys silicone commodities, silicone accessories, etc. , suitable for color and transparent, white products, after a plus sulfur can be tasteless, better secondary sulfide ( 160℃; About 20 minutes) , the product is flammable, mixing when please add two kilos of silicone curing agent with the same proportion of strengthening agent mixing, then quickly added the remaining raw material, in order to avoid the fire. Cellophane tape environmental resistance to yellow vulcanizing agent, also used for moulding vulcanization process of silicone products, used in the long-term use of high quality products, for transparent, translucent, white, translucent color products such as prevent yellowing phenomenon, in transparent or white, can guarantee high temperature vulcanization within (many times Or secondary sulfide within 200 ℃ baking 4 hours) , the product the same yellow. Suitable for colored pieces of yellow, can guarantee colored pieces of many times after vulcanization discoloration and long-term use does not change color!
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