The invention of the straw

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-25
In 1888, the United States, Marvin stone made of straw in the 19th century, americans like to drink cold light sweet wine, in order to avoid the mouth of the hot gas reduces the freezing temperature of the wine, so don't mouth to drink drink, but in hollow natural straw to drink, but natural straw is very easy to broken, and the taste of its own belt will penetrate into the wine. At that time, a cigarette manufacturers in the United States get inspiration from the cigarette, made a paper straw, he is Marvin stone. Try to drink after, found that the paper straws, neither fracture nor a strange taste. Since then, people not only use the straw when light sweet wine, also extended to other cold drink also like to use the paper straw. Later, manufacturing plastic, colorful plastic straws to replace the paper straw. But making people did not apply for patent. This is a straw manufacturing history.
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