The material of common tableware

by:Smily Mia     2020-10-07
Copper tableware: many people use copper tableware, plates, copper spoon, copper pot, etc. On copper tableware surface, often can see some green powder, people call it the rust. It is a copper oxide, is not toxic. But for the sake of cleaning before the food, it is better to the surface of the copper tableware with sand. Porcelain tableware, porcelain is recognized to be nontoxic tableware in the past, but to also have a porcelain tableware use poisoning report. The original some porcelain (the beautiful jacket of tableware Glaze) Contain lead, if the burning temperature is not enough or glazed porcelain ingredients do not conform to the standard, it may make more tableware to contain lead. When food contact with tableware, lead could overflow of the surface of the glaze with food. As a result, the surface spiny, many spots, enamel is not uniform, and even have crack of the ceramic products, for the table. And most of the lead in China adhesive is higher, so the amalgam fillings porcelain, had better not when tableware use again. When choosing porcelain tableware products to use forefinger gently on the China play, such as ringing Qing general noise inside the can, suggests that porcelain embryo is exquisite, fire, if taken play FaYa, that is there is any breakage or porcelain porcelain embryo shoddy. Enamel enamel tableware products have good mechanical strength, strong, not easy and broken, and has good heat resistance, can undergo large range of temperature change. A smooth texture, closely is infected with dirt not easily, clean and durable. After is the shortcoming of enamel products by outside force bump, tend to have a crack, broken. Coated in enamel products is actually a layer of the outer enamel, containing aluminum silicate material, if there is any breakage, will be transferred to food. So the choose and buy enamel tableware for surface smooth level off, enamel uniform, bright color, no powder and embryo phenomenon. Wooden tableware, bamboo is the biggest advantage of tableware conveniently, and not the toxic effects of chemicals. But their weakness is easier than other tableware pollution, mold. If do not pay attention to disinfection, easy cause intestinal infectious diseases. Plastic tableware: the commonly used plastic tableware is basically by polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials. This is the most recognized national health department of non-toxic plastic, candy box, tea tray, his job in the markets, cold pot, bottle, etc. Is this kind of plastic. But similar to polyethylene molecular structure of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a dangerous, people found a rare liver hemangioma, almost related to often contact with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). So in the use of plastic products, it is important to note that the raw material is what? When you don't have the product specifications, can use the following method to identify: every touch feel is smooth, meet the fire inflammable, burning yellow flame and paraffin flavour of plastic products, is non-toxic polyethylene or polypropylene. Every touch, feel sticky for the green flame in case of fires burning, burning, Moscow smell of plastic is PVC, not for food container. Don't choose colorful plastic tableware, according to the detection, part of the colour of plastic tableware design of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium release a quantity to exceed bid. So try to choose no decorative patterns and odorless plastic tableware. Titanium tableware: using the characteristics of the wisdom of titanium in combination with special physical and chemical coloring process, with its special gold titanium tableware luster, texture are comparable to those obtained with silver cutlery. Titanium tableware tableware is the future trend of using material, because of its light quality using lightweight, non-toxic tasteless, no radiation, no rust, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good toughness, and biological affinity of the good qualities of a good. Titanium tableware is both practical and collection, is your family and friends, home service of the market. Has long been highly favored by people from all walks of life. Iron utensils: generally speaking, iron tableware non-toxic.
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