The method of making straw change float

by:Smily Mia     2020-09-26
Straw change float and practical environmental protection, so how do we make? Today as follow straw factory small make up together to learn: 1 a, materials and tools. Materials. All kinds of plastic straw, sticks or small bamboo, red, green, black and white color paint, white latex, etc. 2. Tool. A knife, scissors, lighters or candles. Second, the production process 1. Will choose good straw with scissors according to his need to cut the length of the good. 2. Will stick with a knife or small bamboo section is 30 centimeters long sticks, then part of 114 cut into thinner in suction diameter cylindrical, 314 cut into a cone. 3. Put the cylinder of a coated with white latex ( Also can use paint to replace) , inserted a straw, form the foot ( Such as good timing and kneading technique can be directly to the straws after a roast softening drift into feet, no longer having to use the first I, 2 process) 。 4. The straw on the other side after fire softening pinched, glue, completely closed, no water seepage, form a floating head. 5. With all kinds of paint will be floating head on tracing and white color, form drift. So, after waiting for the paint, glue, you can use. The above process to write complex, actually very simple to operate, can also produce once several teams, or even decades. Made of straw float is slightly rough, single shape, but relatively speaking, flexural compressive strength. Make your own float, save not a few money, also are not much use straws, but for themselves, not only bring pleasure, fishing from the more important, practice of environmental protection, building a harmonious society concept. Above is related introduction, environmental protection and practical.
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